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Original author(s) Michael Halcrow, IBM LInux Technology Center, Erez Zadok, Michael Halcrow
Developer(s) Tyler Hicks, Dustin Kirkland
Initial release November 30, 2006; 8 years ago (2006-11-30)
Stable release 104 / January 23, 2014; 13 months ago (2014-01-23)
Development status Active
Written in C
Operating system Linux
Platform Linux kernel
Type filesystem, encryption
License GPL v2+

eCryptfs (Enterprise Cryptographic Filesystem) is a package of disk encryption software for Linux. It is implemented as a POSIX-compliant filesystem-level encrypted file system that has been part of the Linux Kernel since version 2.6.19. The eCryptfs package has been included in Ubuntu since version 9.04.

Filesystem-level encryption has certain advantages and disadvantages over full disk encryption. Whereas full disk encryption works at the block-level, requiring an additional file system to be mounted over the top in its own partition, filesystem-level encryption can exist within an existing partition, requiring no specific block area to be set aside for its use.[1] It also allows for encryption to be applied selectively on a per-file or per-directory basis.


eCryptfs is derived from Erez Zadok's Cryptfs.[2]

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