East Bay Express

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East Bay Express
East Bay Express (front page).jpg
Type Alternative weekly
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Jay Youngdahl
Publisher Jody Colley
Editor Kathleen Richards and Robert Gammon
Founded 1978
Headquarters 620 3rd St
Oakland, CA 94607
United States
Circulation 49,766 [1]
Website eastbayexpress.com

The East Bay Express (founded 1978) is an Oakland-based weekly newspaper serving the Berkeley, Oakland, and East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is distributed throughout Alameda County and parts of Contra Costa County every Wednesday.

A typical issue of the East Bay Express contains one or two news stories; "Eco Watch", a column about environmental issues; a 2,000-6,000-word cover feature, events and music listings; a number of CD, live music, dining, and movie reviews; a culture column; and the syndicated column "Savage Love".


The paper was sold in 2001 to New Times Media, which merged with the parent company of the Village Voice to form Village Voice Media in October 2005.

On 17 May 2007, Village Voice Media announced the paper was being bought by then-editor Stephen Buel and a group of investors.[2][3] Jay Youngdahl acquired majority control of the paper in August 2010. It is currently the only independently owned large-circulation newspaper in the Bay Area.[citation needed]

Notable stories[edit]

Express humorist Alice Kahn claimed to have coined the word "yuppie" in a 1983 column. This claim is disputed, but no definitive origin for the word has been determined.[4][5]

In 2002, the paper's coverage played a crucial role in uncovering the Your Black Muslim Bakery scandal.

The Express placed actor Gary Coleman on the ballot for governor in the 2003 California recall election[6] as a satirical comment on the recall of Democratic Governor Gray Davis.

A 2005 profile of the environmentalist Van Jones noted that he had, in his youth, identified as a "communist" and been a member of the activist group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM).[7]

In February 2009, the paper uncovered an alleged extortion scam by the user review website Yelp, Inc..[8] After the story's publication, several lawsuits were filed against the company.[9]


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