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EénVandaag satellite truck

Eén Vandaag (OneToday) is a current affairs programme broadcast on the Dutch public television network Nederland 1. The programme, which airs on Monday to Saturday evenings at 6:15pm CET is a co-production of the broadcasting associations AVRO and TROS.

Eén Vandaag initially aired on Nederland 2 as Twee Vandaag and was launched in 1993 as a joint-production between the pillar broadcasters TROS, the EO and Veronica. Up until that point, the three companies had produced their own weekly current affairs programmes - TROS Aktua, Tijdsein (EO) and Nieuwslijn (Veronica). Since then, the roll-call of participating broadcasters has changed several times. Currently, the programme is presented on alternate nights by Bas van Werven (from TROS) and Pieter Jan Hagens (from AVRO). The programme's editor-in-chief is Jan Kriek.

EénVandaag is also broadcast each weekday on the international television station BVN.

Opinion panel[edit]

A recurring feature of the program is the Opinion Panel, a group of over 35,000 viewers who are regularly asked, via the Internet, for their opinion on current topics. This makes it one of the largest opinion panels in the Netherlands.

Politician of the year[edit]

In December 2006 the members of the opinion panel (together with members of parliament), were asked to choose their "politician of the year". Each group was asked to rank both the best and the worst politicians.

The parliamentarians chose as their best politician the Socialist Party leader Jan Marijnissen, followed by CDA leader (and Prime Minister at the time) Jan Peter Balkenende, followed by Wouter Bos (leader of the PvdA). As worst politician they chose Rita Verdonk, describing her as an "elephant in a china cabinet" (a Dutch expression meaning ruthless and incompetent).

The members of the opinion panel also selected Marijnissen as best politician, but chose Bos as the worst. Remarkably, Verdonk appeared in second place and Balkenende in third on both the best and the worst lists.

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