Efstratios Grivas

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Efstratios Grivas
Efstratios Grivas.jpg
Full name Efstratios Grivas
Country  Greece
Born (1966-03-30) March 30, 1966 (age 48)
Egio , Greece
Title Grandmaster
FIDE rating 2482 (December 2014)
Peak rating 2528 (January 1999)

Efstratios Grivas (born March 30, 1966) is a Greek chess Grandmaster.

Early years[edit]

He was born in Egio, Achaia and grew up in Athens, in the neighbourhood of Kallithea, as his family moved to the Greek capital in 1970. His registration at the Kallithea Chess Club in 1979 was his first contact with chess. His chess evolution was immediate and rapid, as only two years later he won the Greek Cadet Championship, under the coaching guidance of FM Panagiotis Drepaniotis (1979–1981). It immediately became clear that he was a very talented young chess player, capable of great achievements in his chosen sport. He has written a very famous book "The Grivas Sicilian", rightly named after him as he has explored the book over 20 years.

Chess career[edit]

The course of Grivas’ chess career fulfilled expectations as, under the guidance of his trainers IM Dr. Nikolai Minev (1981–1982), FM Michalis Kaloskambis (1984–1986), GM Efim Geller (1987–1988) and IM Nikolai Andrianov (1990–1996), he conquered all (Greek and International) titles awarded by the Greek Chess Federation and the International Chess Federation (FIDE). A significant role in his development was played by the training he received in Moscow in 1984 by outstanding members of the chess world.

Up to this day, Grivas has played in Greece for the following clubs: Kallithea Chess Club (1979–1994), OAA “Iraklion” (1995–1998), Kavala Chess Club (1999), AO “Kydon” Khania (2000–2005) and A.E.K. (2006-). One has to mention his rich contribution to the Greek National Teams, as from 1982 until 1999 (when he retired) he represented the country 186 times (12 in the National Junior Team and 174 in the National Men’s Team), having participated in eight Olympiads (1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998),[1] three European Team Chess Championships (1989, 1992, 1997),[2] twelve Balkaniads (1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994)[3] and various other events.

During his active period, Grivas emerged victorious at least once in each of the categories of the Greek Chess Championship in which he participated, and also won several individual and team medals in Balkaniads, Acropolis international tournaments etc. His greatest success was winning the Silver Individual Medal (on 3rd board) at the 33rd Chess Olympiad in 1998; this remains the only Olympic medal Greece has ever won to this day. Other important successes were the Gold Individual Medal (on the 3rd board) at the European Team Championship in 1989, 4th place at the World Junior Chess Championship in 1985, 1st place at the 1987 Munich international tournament (320 participants), 11th individual place (on the 4th board) at the 32nd Chess Olympiad in 1996, qualification of his club (OAA “Iraklion”) to Europe’s best 16 clubs in 1997 (European Club Cup) and several good placements in international tournaments: 3rd in Paris 1982, 1st in Cap d'Agde 1983, 2nd in Karditsa 1984, 3rd in Bucharest 1984, 2nd in Strasbourg 1985, 2nd in Munich 1986, 3rd in Xanthi 1991, 2nd in Gausdal 1993, 3rd in Reykjavík 1994, 2nd in Limassol 1997, 1st in Hellexpo-Sportexpo 2001, 1st in the inaugural Greek Internet Championship in 2002 (chess.gr) and others. In 1996 he was voted chessplayer of the year in the first Greek Chess Media poll.

His handles on the Internet Chess Club are "E-Grivas"[4] and "Gref".[5][6]


From 1982 on he successfully worked as a journalist in newspapers and magazines (in Greek and in English). Between January 1992 and September 1999 he was editor-in-chief and main contributor of the monthly magazine of the Greek Chess Federation, Greek Chess. Moreover, from 1984 to this day he has written 42 chess books, essays and studies (in Greek and in English), that are used as the basis for the chess improvement of hundreds of young chess players.

In 2010 he was awarded the Boleslavsky Medal (best author) for 2009.[7]

Administrator and organizer[edit]

He was a founding member of the Association of Top Greek Chessplayers (1995) and has since been a member of its Policy Board (Executive Secretary 1996-1997 and Vice-President since 1998). From 1996 until 1999 he held the position of Greek Chess Federation Technical Advisor, his main duties including the Competition Calendar (scheduling - application), the organization of chess events of any kind and the promotion of chess all over Greece in general. Finally, he served as a member of FIDE’s Players’ Council (1998–2002). He holds the titles of FIDE International Organizer (was a co-organizer of the 1999 European Youth Chess Championships in Litochoro Pierias with more than 1000 participants) and FIDE International Arbiter, titles that are awarded according to specific requirements and are not honorary.


His work in this field includes more than 5000 hours of training in many clubs, especially with younger players. From 1986 to 1991 he was the Federal Trainer of the National Juniors Team, while he has developed or greatly assisted several Greek chessplayers that today are members of the Greek National Teams, with the titles of GM and IM (and Greek Champions in their respective categories), such as Hristos Banikas, Anna-Maria Botsari, Spyridon Kapnisis, Konstantinos Moutousis, Anastasios Michailidis, Ioulia & Evanthia Makka, Andreas Tzermiadianos and others. During the period 1989–1990 he was the Trainer of the DEI Macedonia-Thrace Chess Academy, while during 1996–1998 and 2002–2004 he held the same position in Pnevmatiki Stegi Peristeriou Chess Club and finally during 2002–2005 he worked with Koropi Sports & Chess Club as well. In 2001–2002 he worked as a professor at the Institute of Professional Education in Peristeri and as External Contributor with O.E.E.K. (Sports Department - Chess Trainer Faculty) while from 2001–2004 he also offered his chess services to the Military Officers’ Academy. Since 2003 he cooperates with the Greek Chess Federation as a Federal Trainer in multiple training programs. Finally, since 2006 he also cooperates with the Turkish Chess Federation as a Federal Trainer.

In 2004 Grivas was awarded the title of FIDE Senior Trainer.[8]

Notable games[edit]



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