Egyptian Trade Union Federation

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Full name Egyptian Trade Union Federation
Founded 1957; 58 years ago (1957)
Members 2.5 million, most members come from Cairo's Oil Plant
Affiliation ICATU, OATUU, WFTU in 2013
Key people Hussein Mugawer, chairman
Office location Cairo, Egypt
Country Egypt

The Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) is a trade union based in Cairo, Egypt.

History and profile[edit]

The ETUF was, until 30 January 2011, the sole trade union federation in Egypt. It represents 2.5 million workers in 23 unions. It is affiliated with the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions, and the Organization of African Trade Union Unity. On 30 January 2011, as part of the January 2011 protests, a meeting convened in Tahrir Square led to the formation of the Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions in response to the effective State control of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation.[1] It is thought that this has signalled the end of State control of Trade Unionism in Egypt.[citation needed]

ETUF also maintains a worker's social association, and education association.

Chairman of ETUF[edit]

Abdel Fatah Ibrahim

  • Former al-Gibali al-Maraghi [2]
  • Former: Ahmed Abdezaher
  • Former: Hussein Mugawer


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