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Nickname(s): E.K.M
Ekambarakuppam is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 13°19′02″N 79°34′04″E / 13.31722°N 79.56778°E / 13.31722; 79.56778Coordinates: 13°19′02″N 79°34′04″E / 13.31722°N 79.56778°E / 13.31722; 79.56778
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Chittoor
 • YSRCP R K Roja
Population (2001)
 • Total 6,797
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 517592
Telephone code +918577
Vehicle registration AP 03

Ekambarakuppam is a greater village Mandal of Nagari in Chittoor district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.It is a semi agrarian – semi industrialized village. A sizable textile manufacturing industry thrives in and around Ekambarakuppam. It is on the Andhra - Tamil Nadu border with a prominent Tamil speaking populace.


The village's name came from Ekamabareswarudu, one of the names of the god Shiva, who is given credit for founding the village.

Notable Places[edit]

The local temple of Om-Shakti is regionally renowned, and the village has the 80 Years of Railway line which links Chennai and Renigunta Junction.

Major Schools & Colleges In and Around[edit]

  1. M.P.P.School.
  2. Z.P.P.High School.
  3. Saraswathi Vidhaayalaya.
  4. Bethel Upper Primary school(Reddy vari street).
  5. Govt.Degree College.
  6. P.C.N Girls College.
  7. P.C.N Junior College.
  8. Govt Diploma College.
  9. Sri Sarvani Vidya Nikethan.
  10. Little Flower School.
  11. HICS Education Institution.
  12. Audi Shankara Institution.
  13. Seshachala College of Pharmacy
  14. Seshachala Institute of Computer Studies
  15. Seshachala Institute of Technology
  16. Sri Venkatesa Perumal College of Engineering and Technology
  17. Siddarth Institute of Engineering and Technology
  18. Siddhartha institute of science and technology
  19. Sri Ramana Degree College
  20. Sri Seshachala Degree College
  21. Sri Vidya Degree College
  22. Sri Sai Jyothi Junior college
  23. Himaja Junior College


  • Public Library(M.G Road).


In summer temperatures may go up to 30 to 45 degrees Celsius, and in winter the minimum temperatures may be between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius. Usually summer lasts from March to July. With the advent of rainy season in July, followed by winter which lasts till the end of February.Solstices occur on 20 or 21 June and 21 or 22 December each year and they are an astronomical events which happens twice each year, which will be once in summer and once in winter. During summer the day of the solstice is the longest day of the year and during winter the day of the solstice is the shortest day of the year.


The Power loom based textile industry contributes to the towns major revenue share. Almost 90% of its economy part is textile manufacturing centers.Almost 10+ Chemical industries around this village providing employment 80% of native villager and 20% peoples non-native people who are native of North India,Nepal and South Tamil Nadu.


The people of Ekambarakuppam speak mostly Tamil and Telugu. The residents and visitors can be seen in both traditional attire like Dhoti, Lungi Chudidhar Saree and modern attire.

The local festivals

  • 'Jathara' or 'Jatharai' is celebrated in second week of September every year as a major festival .
  • 'Aadi kruthigai' kaavadi for lord Murughar or Subramanya Swamy.
  • 'Paalkudam' for lord MURUGAN on Cittirai (first month in Tamil calendar) 1st day as Varusha pirappu (usually on 14 April).
  • 'Malachutthu' for all near by temples URTCHAVA MOORTHY'S on Kaanum Pongal.
  • 'Aathu thiruvizha is also celebrated as a main festival.
  • Thoppai Amman is the protecting god. All the festivals are celebrated based on her.The jatara is celebrated Mudhaliar/reddies community group. Jathara celebrated around a week which starts from Tuesday to Friday.

Major nearby tourist attractions[edit]

  1. Amma Palli Dam (45 km)
  2. Appalaigunta (35 km)
  3. Kailasa Kona (30 km)
  4. Karvetinagaram (25 km)
  5. Moolakona -Sri Sadasiva Swamy and Ammavaru temples can be seen separately.(The most visited place for youth)18 km
  6. Nagalapuram (35 km)
  7. Nagari (2 km)
  8. Narayanavanam (20 km)
  9. Sadasiva Kona Water falls (50 km)
  10. Surutupalli
  11. Tirupati (50 km)
  12. Tiruttani (15 km)

Infrastructure and Facilities[edit]

Government Offices[edit]

  • BSNL Telephone Exchange.

Banking and ATM[edit]

Travel Facilities[edit]

By Road[edit]

  • Sri Venkateswara Travels.
  • Public Transports.

By Railways[edit]

Following is the list of all the trains that pass through Ekambarakuppam (EKM), Ekambarakuppam Railway Station:

1 Chennai Egmore Exp 17652 Kacheguda Chennai Egmore 03:59
2 Pondicherry Passenger 56041 Tirupati Puducherry 5:49
3 Tirupathi Chennai Passenger 66022 Tirupati Chennai Central 06:23
4 Arakkonam Kadapa Passenger 56011 Arakkonam Kadapa 7:42
5 Saptagiri Express 16057 Chennai Central Tirupati 08:04
6 Garudadri Express 16204 Tirupathy Chennai Central 08:54
7 Chennai Tirupati Passenger 66015 Chennai Tirupati 09:44
8 Chennai Express 16054 Tirupati Chennai Central 11:24
9 Tirupati Express 16053 Chennai Central Tirupati 15:49
10 Tirupati Chennai MEMU 66014 Tirupati Chennai Central 17:27
11 Garudari Express 16203 Chennai Central Tirupati 18:19
12 Kacheguda Express 17651 Chennai Egmore Kacheguda 18:54
13 Kadapa Arakkon am Passenger 56012 Kadapa Arakkonam Junction 19:00
14 Saptagiri Express 16058 Tirupati Chennai Central 19:09
15 Puducherry Tirupati Passenger 56042 Puducherry Tirupati 20:51
16 Chennai Tirupati Passenger 66012 Chennai Central Tirupati 21:13


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