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Not to be confused with the Elizabeth Blackwell Award presented by Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

The Elizabeth Blackwell Medal is awarded annually by the American Medical Women's Association. The medal is named in honor of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States and a pioneer in promoting the education of women in medicine. Established by Elise S. L'Esperance in 1949, 100 years after Blackwell received her medical degree,[1] the medal is granted to a woman physician "who has made the most outstanding contributions to the cause of women in the field of medicine." Before 1993, the medal was only awarded to members of the AMWA.[2]

Elizabeth Blackwell
Esther Pohl Lovejoy received the award in 1951 and 1957.


Elizabeth Blackwell Medal recipients are:

Year Recipient
1949 Mary Riggs Noble
1950 Bertha Van Hoosen
1951 Esther Pohl Lovejoy
1952 Catharine Macfarlane
1953 Elizabeth Bass
1954 Mabel E. Gardner
1955 Elise S. L'Esperance
1956 Evangeline S. Stenhouse
1957 Esther Pohl Lovejoy
1958 Ada Chree Reid
1959 Helen F. Schrack
1960 Nelle Sparks Noble
1961 Elizabeth Kittredge
1962 Judith Emmelia Ahlem
1963 Elizabeth S. Waugh
1964 Helena T. Ratterman
1965 Camille Mermod
1966 Esther C. Marting
1967 Amey Chappell
1968 Margaret J. Schneider
1969 Katharine W. Wright
1970 Rosa Lee Nemir[3]
1971 Frieda Bauman
1972 Alma Dea Morani
1973 Alice Drew Chenoweth
1974 Laura E. Morrow
1975 Ruth Hartgraves
1976 Claire F. Ryder
1977 Eva P. Dodge and Edith P. Brown
1978 Minerva S. Buerk
1979 Bernice C. Sachs
1980 Ann P.D. Manton
1981 Mathilda R. Vaschak
1982 Helen B. Taussig
1983 Clara Raven
1984 Charlotte H. Kerr and Helen M. Caldicott
1985 Carol C. Nadelson
1986 Luella Klein
1987 A. Lois Scully
1988 Claudine M. Gay
1989 Helen Octavia Dickens
1990 Lila A. Wallis
1991 Anne L. Barlow
1992 Roselyn P. Epps and Jane E. Hodgson
1993 Yoshiye Togasaki
1994 Anne H. Flitcraft
1995 Vivian W. Pinn
1996 Elizabeth W. Karlin
1997 LeClair Bissell
1998 Leah J. Dickstein and Tina Strobos
1999 Lila Stein Kroser
2000 Nanette Kass Wenger and Jeanne Spurlock
2001 No Annual Meeting, no selection
2002 Olga Jonasson
2003 Joanne Lynn
2004 Mary Jane England
2005 Sarah S. Donaldson
2006 Patricia Joy Numann
2007 Debra R. Judelson
2008 Elinor Christiansen
2009 Nancy Nielson
2010 Linda Clever
2011 Valerie Montgomery Rice
2012 Luanne Thorndyke
2013 Kimberly Templeton


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