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Elizabeth Haran, May 2013

Elizabeth Haran was born in 1954 in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and migrated to Australia as a child. She has written sixteen novels set in Australia and is currently working on the seventeenth. In the Valley of the Flaming Sun, published in 2007, spent eleven weeks on the German magazine "Der Spiegel" best seller list. Haran‘s novels are all adventure/love stories set in Australia in the 19th and 20th century. Her books have been published in ten countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, English speaking countries as e-books and Latvia) have sold more than 1.5 million copies in Germany.


Haran began writing in her thirties and produces a book every year. She travels to the settings of her books to get a feel for the area and to do research. Australia is such a big and diverse country so Elizabeth feels she will never run out of ideas or settings that will capture the inmagination of her readers. Elizabeth lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her family.


So far, Elizabeth Haran has published fourteen novels with the fifteenth due for release in 2015 and with the sixteenth due for release in 2016:


All audiobooks are available in German only.

  • "A Woman For All Seasons" German title "Ein Hoffnungsstern am Himmel", 2008
  • "The Island Of Red Earth" German title "Die Insel der roten Erde", 2008
  • "In The Valley Of The Flaming Sun" German title "Im Tal der flammenden Sonne", 2008

English e-books[edit]

All English e-Books are available since May 2013

  • Island of Whispering Winds
  • River of Fortune
  • Under a Flaming Sky

The newest English e-Book is available in spring 2015

  • Dreams under the red Sun (original title: FLIGHT OF THE JABIRU)

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