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Elsword logo.jpg
Developer(s) KOG Studios
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)
        Genre(s) Fantasy MMO Fighting Platform Side-scroller
        Mode(s) Multiplayer
        Distribution Download

        Elsword (Korean: 엘소드) is a free-to-play, 2.5-dimensional side-scrolling action MMORPG developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. It features real-time action gameplay and includes both player vs. environment and player vs. player modes. There are several playable characters within the game, each with unique backstories and distinct abilities. While playing the game is free, some items and costumes can be purchased through in-game "Item Mall" using real currency.


        Elsword features skill-based action gameplay combined with role-playing elements and community features typical of an MMORPG, such as guilds, chat, and item trading. Gameplay can be controlled using either a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.


        Elsword the Knight (Warrior)

        His first class changes are Sword Knight, Magic Knight, and Sheath Knight. His second class changes are Lord Knight, Rune Slayer, and Infinity Sword.
        -Special Ability, Way of the Sword-
        During Destruction Aura certain commands and skills have a 100% crit chance. Also, getting hit while in Destruction Mode causes Elsword to Stoic Break, knocking all enemies back and gaining Super Armor for its duration.
        During Vitality Aura certain commands restore mana faster and certain skills require less mana.

        First Job Change

        Sword Knight specializes on swordsmanship.
        Magic Knight combines magic with swords, capable of creating fireballs and sword-shaped magic attacks.
        Sheath Knight enables the use of the Bladed Sheath, named "Conwell".

        Second Job Change~

        Lord Knight is a title given by Velder Kingdom to warriors who have reached a God-level swordsmanship.
        Rune Slayer makes use of an advanced magic named "Rune", combining magic with rune and storing it in the user's sword, granting the user an explosive-level power.
        Infinity Sword can summon an unlimited amount of swords to use when fighting, also with an upgraded Conwell.

        Aisha the Magician (Sorcerer)

        Her first class changes are High Magician, Dark Magician, and Battle Magician. Her second class changes are Elemental Master, Void Princess, and Dimension Witch.
        -Special Ability, Charge and Memorize-
        If Aisha stands still, she meditates, rapidly recovering mana. After 1 second of charging, she activates Memorization Mode. Using a skill during this mode uses its mana cost and puts it on cooldown, but 'memorizes' it. She can use the memorized skills afterwards with no additional mana cost, but at a 70% damage. Maximum of 3~4 Memorizations.

        First Job Change~

        High Magician uses an advanced magic, combined with knowledge.
        Dark Magician combines demonic energy with magic, which makes use of Dark Fireballs and Hell Magic.
        Battle Magician is a melee-type magician that uses magic-reinforced staff wielding.

        Second Job Change~

        Elemental Master uses the magic of the Four Elements(Fire, Water, Earth, Air) combined with other elements(Lightning, poison, ice, etc.). Replaces Water with Ice.
        Void Princess makes a contract with a devil named "Angkor" making use of Devil Magic and Hell lasers in addition to her original dark magic.
        Dimension Witch can control space and time by the use of "Moon Stone".

        Rena the Ranger (Archer)

        Her first class changes are Combat Ranger, Sniping Ranger and Trapping Ranger. Her second class changes are Wind Sneaker, Grand Archer, and Night Watcher.
        -Special Ability, Charge and Nature Force-
        Rena is able to summon Nature orbs to assist her in battle. These orbs allow Rena increase combo potential and buff her mobility. Also, she recovers mana faster when standing still, and is able to double jump. Maximum of 5 Nature Orbs.

        First Job Changes~

        Combat Ranger specializes more on martial combat, in addition to her archery magic.
        Sniping Ranger specializes on Archery, capable of marking targets and quick-shooting.
        Trapping Ranger makes use of traps and melee attacks with a legendary sword named "Erendil".

        Second Job Change~

        Wind Sneaker combines the magic used to create energy arrows with their martial arts to boost the user's power and speed, as they have reached their limits.
        Grand Archer reaches a Master-level Archery sniping enemies with a hail of arrows, capable of piercing metals when strong and a soundless arrow when swift.
        Night Watcher uses an moonstone-strengthened Erendil, which was strengthened after her battle with the revived King Nasod.

        Raven the Taker (Berserker)

        His first class changes are Sword Taker, Over Taker, and Weapon Taker. His second class changes are Blade Master, Reckless Fist, and Veteran Commander.
        -Special Ability, Nasod Arm Core and Lightning Rage-
        Activating Awakening summons his Nasod Arm Core. They launch dealing damage when a skill is used, or they greatly reduce damage taken when hit. Nasod Arm Core is consumed completely when launched and is consumed slowly when blocking. Additional Core charges can be gained by hitting enemies or getting hit.
        If Raven actives Awakening Level 3, he will be shrouded by lightning, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Additionally, his Nasod Arm Core capabilities are greatly enhanced.

        First Job Change~

        Sword Taker chooses to specialize in swordsmanship rather than his left Nasod Arm, in fear that his Nasod Arm will overtake him.
        Over Taker chooses to upgrade his Nasod Arm despite the risks of being able to be taken over.
        Weapon Taker makes use of the "Overheat" system, which can strengthen his own attacks and his Nasod Fireballs at the cost of his own life.

        Second Job Change~

        Blade Master seals his Nasod Arm completely and uses only his sword, reaching a master swordsmanship level capable of even cutting dimensions.
        Reckless Fist uses a Limit-Enhanced Nasod Arm with reckless power, but is already in its limits of being mentally stable and starts to lose his own consciousness.
        Veteran Commander upgrades his "Overheat" System and strengthens his Nasod Arm, which was in the brink of its destruction due to an overuse of Overheat.

        Eve, Another Code (Mechanic, Summoner)

        She uses her powers of machinery to take down enemy forces for her. She can summon Nasods from her kingdom to aid her in her battle. Her first class changes are Code: Exotic, Code: Architecture and Code: Electra. Her second class changes are Code: Nemesis, Code: Empress and Code: Battle Seraph.
        -Special Ability, Glide and Queen's Core-
        Issuing a dash-jump command causes Eve to 'Glide' instead, increasing movement speed that diminishes over time. Eve can dash multiple times in the air, granting her high Air Mobility.
        Activating Awakening summons Queen's Core to aid her in battle. It shoots lasers when skills are activated and blocks damage completely when attacked. It is consumed completely when attacking and is consumed slowly when blocking. Additional Core charges can be gained by attacking enemies or by getting hit. Also, at the expense of some mana and Core charges, she can 'backslide', escaping from additional hits.
        Activating Awakening Level 3 boosts Queen's Core significantly, increasing its damage and blocking capabilities as well as its charge gaining speed.

        First Job Change~

        Code: Exotic gains exceptional mobility and increased melee capability, while maintaining her sanity. The warrior Queen obtains a multitude of situational skills as she advances.
        Code: Architecture is able to summon Oberon to aid her in battle. Oberon is a Nasod built by Eve, designed to use it's dual swords to attack under her command. Code: Architecture boasts a range of special active skills dealing heavy physical damage, aswell as having utility-based active skills that deal great amounts of magical damage.
        Code: Electra utilizes the code to construct a functional Nasod device: the El energy reactor. The power of the El is easily manipulated by Eve, expressed with high-powered electron beams. Beautifully lethal, Eve can unleash various forms of El-force generated by the El energy reactor as she pleases.

        Second Job Change~

        Code: Nemesis she was given a title as the "Nasod's Queen of Destruction". She depends more on her enhanced arsenal of weaponry rather than relying on her gears and summons. By developing her weapon arsenal, Code: Nemesis gained access to a plethora of different types of weapons such as the Nasod Wing Drones. Her combo style becomes more diverse with improved drone attacks and overall basic combos.
        Code: Empress creates an additional servant named "Ophelia", combining Oberon and Ophelia's attacks to make an infinite combo. Should a battle last long enough, she also gains access to her 3rd servant, Ferdinand.
        Code: Battle Seraph gains the power to utilize sharper and more formulated lasers, gaining a 3rd El energy reactor mode and high mobility, in exchange for her 'Emotion Control Circuit'.


        Chung the Guardian (Shooter, Cannon Blaster)

        Chung’s weapon is the large cannon called the Destroyer, and his armor is the full body panoply called Freiturnier. His first class changes are Fury Guardian, Shooting Guardian, and Shelling Guardian. His second class changes are Iron Paladin, Deadly Chaser, and Tactical Trooper.
        -Special Ability, Ammo-
        Chung's certain commands and skills use Ammo. If he does not have Ammo then he cannot use skills, or his attack commands will deal no damage at all. He reloads 1 Ammo every 2 seconds if he is standing still, or he can reload it using skills or commands. He has 6~12 Ammo.
        Activating Awakening level 3 allows Chung to go into Berserk Mode. When activated Chung instantly gains back his full Ammo Capacity and for its duration Chung has infinite Ammo.

        First Job Change~

        Fury Guardian upgrades his cannon "Destroyer" to make more powerful shots, and his armor "Freiturnier" to better withstand enemy fire.
        Shooting Guardian makes use of a gun named "Silver Shooter", as he felt that the use of his heavy cannon made openings.
        Shelling Guardian deals with heavy artillery and a wide range of heavy weapons from a distance, but can also inflict powerful blows at enemies in close range.

        Second Job Change~

        Iron Paladin upgrades Destroyer to its limit, destroying enemies in a single blast. He also upgrades Freiturnier to its limit, blocking all attacks.
        Deadly Chaser makes use of two Silver Shooters, as having just one still made openings.
        Tactical Trooper makes additional changes to his "Shells", combining El-energy crystals to his Cannon Shells.


        Ara, 小侠 or Little Xia (Martial Artist)

        Her first class changes are Little Hsien, Little Devil and Little Specter. Her second class changes are Sakra Devanam, Yama Raja and Asura. Ara is a skilled martial artist that uses a spear. She is a highly versatile character, with extremely long melee attack range, as well as superior attack speed and mobility. Having an air-dash in addition to the double jump. Ara's second class changes might be unavailable in some countries.
        -Special Ability, Spirit Orb and Fox Form-
        Ara's skills may use Spirit Orbs, Mana, or both. Spirit Orbs can be obtained by certain skills and grants her access to certain skills.
        Activating Awakening Level 3 will turn her to the Nine-Tailed Fox, gaining increased health, damage, defense, and speed. In this mode, she also gains 1 Spirit Orb every few seconds.
        Ara is also able to 'cancel' certain skills with another skill, sometimes gaining Spirit Orbs when done so. This enables her to chain Actives and Special Acitves with ease, even if that skill is not in the skill slot. However, due to this, Ara's skills have a lower damage than other characters.

        First Job Change~

        Little Hsien is capable to doing quick attacks in mid-air as well as enhanced combos.
        Little Devil uses powers from the demon realm, allowing her to materialize spirit energy weapons like spears and wolf spirits.
        Little Specter Ara's and Eun's souls now share the same body, allowing Ara to do martial arts that are strengthened by Eun's specter powers and fox-like reflexes.

        Second Job Change~

        Sakra Devanam her melee attacks will have a longer and wider range. Combined with the new aerial martial arts attacks she learns, she gets a higher advantage when fighting in the air.
        Yama Raja is capable of more materialization of spirit energy weapons, including a spirit energy form of herself to steal the souls of her targets.
        Asura is now able to create more phantom claws and use them as an extension of her body.


        Elesis the Free Knight (a Knight unbound by the rules of the kingdom)'

        She is able to evade and gap close with extreme effect unlike her brother Elsword, who incorporates a more defensive fighting-style. In addition to her swordplay, Elesis is capable of harnessing and expressing energy into fire, enhancing her combat effectiveness. Her first class changes are Saber Knight, Pyro Knight and Dark Knight. Her second class changes are Grand Master, Blazing Heart and Crimson Avenger. Elesis' 3rd Job Path might be unavailable in some countries.
        -Special Ability, Way of the Sword-
        In Gale mode her certain skills will have reduced mana cost and cooldowns, making her capable of 'spamming' skills in rapid succession, although with a lower damage.
        In Annihilation mode her certain commands and skills will grant her 100% crit chance, granting extremely high damage while the Annihilation gauge lasts. Also, Mana Breaking while in Annihilation Mode causes her to Stoic Break instead. Knocking all enemies back and granting her Super Armor for a few seconds.

        First Job Change~

        Saber Knight is capable of shrugging off multitudes of attacks while maintaining her composure, simultaneously delivering armor crushing blows coupled with refined fire magic.
        Pyro Knight focuses primarily on conjuring fire and unleashing its fury from her sword. Is capable of numerous short to mid-ranged skills.
        Dark Knight is now able to use Dark Powers, which allow her to use brute force to kill her foes. She can use some of her HP to make her skills hit more often and the lower her HP gets, the more damage she'll deal to her enemies. Her Gale Mode is now able to heal her and her skills that use Annihilation Mode now deal even more damage at the cost of losing some HP.

        Second Job Change~

        Grand Master is a Master of Swordsmanship, capable of overpowering a Velder Kingdom's Lord Knight in a 1 on 1 battle.
        Blazing Heart a master of fire magic, the Blazing Heart employs a highly effective and versatile skill set: from unleashing the erratic Blaze Wing to lodging her claymore into her foes to set them ablaze with Sword of Red Lotus.
        Crimson Avenger masters her dark powers allowing her to become even more stronger then before. However, though her attacks are more powerful, they cost even more health. Elesis is able to maintain her health by using her many passives.


        Add the Tracer (Special Mechanic, Tactican)

        Staying true to his concept of being a mechanic, Add fully utilizes his mechanized weapon; the 'Nasod Dynamo', to aid him in battle. The Dynamos are not only able deal physical damage to targets, but are also able to fire rays of electricity as a way of dealing magical damage. As a ranged alternative, his dynamos can also be configured to form a powerful electricity cannon by the same way. His first class changes are Psychic Tracer, Arc Tracer, and Time Tracer. His second class changes are Lunatic Psyker, Mastermind, and Diabolic Esper. His third choice of first and second class changes are available only to KR server. Add might not be available in some countries.
        -Special Ability, Dynamo Configuration and Dynamo Mutation-
        Attacking or getting hit by attacks gives Add Dynamo Points. Having 100 or more Dynamo Points enables Add to go into Awakening, called 'Configuration'. During Configuration Add gains access to special commands and skills. Add can cancel Configuration Mode and return to Normal State, called 'Dissolution'. Add's Configuration has a 5 second cooldown. Maximum of 400 Dynamo Points.
        Entering Configuration gives Add 1 Dynamo Mutation Orb. Using certain Skills in his Configuration Mode consumes the Mutation orbs from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3, gaining increased damage or added effects per orb consumed. Maximum of 6 orbs.

        First Job Change~

        Psychic Tracer connects his Dynamos to his mind, enabling him to control his Dynamos and the energy it stores and generates with only willpower.
        Arc Tracer upgrades the AI of his Dynamos and gains the ability to summon Drones to assist him in battle through Dynamo Factory.
        Time Tracer finally succeeds in applying the ability of manipulating time and space through his Dynamos, and continues his own journey to find an energy source that will allow him to better calculate his time-space errors.

        Second Job Change~

        Lunatic Psyker upgrades his Dynamos even further by installing a more stable power source, giving him more destructive power.
        Mastermind develops technology that allows his weapons move on their own according to his thoughts and wills.
        Diabolic Esper uses the knowledge he gained from his experiments in an effort to destroy the world, due to him being unable to return to the past that he wanted.


        Lu/Ciel the Swicher(Lu:Special Berserker, Ciel:Gunblader, Assassin)

        Having a duo character play-style, players can either defeat enemies with strong demonic magic with the melee Lu, or with quick slashes and gun shots as the ranged Ciel or utilize both to chain numerous combos.
        -Special Ability, Switch-
        Lu and Ciel are capable of switching between them depending on the situation. With enough Mana, they can even fight together. There is no cooldown in the switch mechanism.


        There are different types of skills available in Elsword. You can choose different types of skills as you level up. There are mainly Six types of Skills: Passive, Active, Buff, Special Active, Sealed Skills, and Hyper Active.

        Passive is a skill that is always on effect after obtaining it. It will be on effect without any mana cost as long as the conditions are met. There are many types of Passives. There are some that increases your Attack or Defense, there are some that gives special effects, and there are also some that strengthens other skills.

        Active is a skill that requires some mana to activate it. It usually does not have a very strong damage so the mana cost and the cooldown is very low. Mana cost ranges from 0~100 and cooldown ranges from 0~65. Actives may damage your opponent, may help your allies, or even restore your health or mana.

        Buff is a skill that gives you and your allies a special effect or a power boost for a limited time when activated. It's activation can be easily interrupted, so it has a very short cooldown. However, the buff usually gives a huge advantage to a side, so the mana cost is relatively high. There are also skills called De-Buff Skills that Weakens your enemy for a short time. Mana cost ranges from 50~80, cooldown ranges from 10~30 and buff duration ranges from 3~60.

        Special Active is a skill that has a special skill image when activated. The damage is relatively powerful, so it has a very high mana cost. Also, most Special Actives cannot be used as a combo, but there are some that can. If a Special Active is interrupted, its mana will not be refunded and its cooldown will start, but its interruption chance is very low. Mana cost ranges from 35~300 and cooldown ranges from 5~30

        Locked Skills are a type of skills that require completing a quest to be unlocked. After completing the quest, the NPC Camilla gives you a skill unlocking book that can unlock a certain type of Locked Skill. Due to this down side, they usually are stronger than most skills. Locked Skills, when unlocked, can become a Passive, Active or a Special Active. There are 4 Locked Skills for every Character. They are Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert, which can be unlocked at level 30, level 40, level 45, and level 60, respectively. The higher the Seal Level, the harder it is to unlock.

        Hyper Actives are the strongest skill in the game, they are now available in NA but may still be unavailable on other servers. It is also a Locked Skill and can be unlocked at level 65. Hyper Actives may decrease an enemy player's life to half or even cause a One-Hit Kill when landed successfully. They require 300 MP to use and always has a 180 second cooldown, even if you have a cooldown reducing buff or a mana cost reducing buff. Additionally, Hyper Actives use up 1 El Essence, which can be obtained from Elstones. 1 Elstone yields 3 El Essences.

        Player vs. Environment[edit]

        Players traverse the land of Elrios, defeating enemies and leveling-up to unlock new job classes and skills. As players explore the world they travel to nine unique regions, each containing a "hub" town and around 6 dungeons. In towns, players can receive quests from NPCs, purchase items, and interact with other players. Dungeons are instanced, offering co-op play for up to four players at a time. Some dungeons feature branching paths, light puzzle-solving, and interactive elements such as collapsing buildings. The game also features a number of special dungeons. In all there presently 70 different levels.

        There are nine different playable characters to date. Each has three different job class paths they can choose from starting at level 15. Each job class path offers specialization in a different play style along with unique skills.

        Player vs. Player[edit]

        Player vs. player(PvP) takes place in special sparring and arena arenas designed for different numbers of players. Up to eight players can brawl at the same time. Both "survival mode" meaning everyone vs. everyone and "team" modes are available with team battles supporting up to 4 vs. 4. Servers have the option to fight 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, and 3 vs. 3 matches. In the Korean version of Elsword 2 vs 2 was removed due to its unpopularity and this later happened to the North American and European version even though it was popular in those servers, However 2 vs 2 was re-installed into the North American version on July 14th 2014 and European version on July 30th 2014.


        The Elsword plot involves a mystical land named Elrios which was nurtured to life through the power of gem known as the El Stone. When the El Stone is stolen, Elsword and his allies go on a quest to recover it and bring the thieves to justice. Along the way, new allies join his team, now known as the "El Search Party". While this story ties the eight regions of the world together, each region also has multiple subplots that unfold as players complete the dungeons in that region. In addition, each character has a personal story that is told as they level up and select their job class path.


        Playable Characters[edit]

        These are characters which the players may play, and advance their classes and develop their skills accordingly.


        Voiced by: Jeong Yu-mi (Korean), Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese)[6]
        Elsword (Els in Elsword Japan), is an ambitious but hot headed young swordsman, trained by the commander of the Crimson Knights, his sister Elesis. Elesis left her little brother to lead a mission, never to return. Elsword is the leader of the El search party and is now searching the land for two things; El, the precious gems that power his kingdom, and his missing sister.


        Voiced by: Rhee Ji-yeong (Korean), Rie Kugimiya (Japanese)[6]
        Aisha was already a mage of the highest order at the tender age of 12 until a ring of sinister power absorbed her abilities. Intelligent and brash, she joined the El search party and once again starts her journey to relearn all that she lost and to find the ring that stole her powers.


        Voiced by: Jeong Mi-sook (Korean), Yui Horie (Japanese)[6]
        Rena is an elf living in the mortal world. Her place in this world is jeopardized by the weakening of El, the power gems that energize everything including the connection to her home world. If this power fades the ties that bind the two planes will vanish as will Rena herself. She joined the El search party and uses her abilities as a Ranger to protect the El and her friends.


        Voiced by: Bak Seong-tae (Korean), Mamoru Miyano (Japanese)[6]
        Raven is a fellow commoner from the Kingdom of Velder who rejected the idea of nobles and aristocrats. However, he was still proud of his kingdom, and thus worked hard to become the Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights. Being a commoner in such a high-ranking position, he caused jealousy among the nobles. He was later framed by his friend and sentenced to prison. His friends, comrades, and fiancée(Seris) rescued him and hid within the forest in the outskirts of Velder. It did not take long before they were all surrounded by Velder soldiers and slaughtered one by one. Everything that Raven cared for and loved was stripped away from him, right before his very eyes. Just then, a figure appeared before him offered Raven a contract, for rebirth and power, he would conquer Velder and have revenge on the ones who caused his suffering, Raven agreed. Reborn with a prototype Nasod claw, he becomes the leader of the Velder Rebellion and blindly fights to destroy the kingdom he once protected, until he met a crew of young, ambitious heroes who reminded him of his duty. In atonement for his sins, he decides to join Elsword and his friends in the El search party on a new life adventure of finding the missing El.


        Voiced by: Woo Jeong-shin (Korean), Mamiko Noto (Japanese)[6]
        Eve, an upper-class Nasod, was once called 'The Little Queen of Nasods' when Humans and Nasod coexisted in Ancient Elrios. The times were peaceful and they worked side by side with their creators. However, the reign of prosperity was fleeting, as the power of El began to weaken. Nasod civilization declined without its power source. They sought help from the Humans, but they were denied help, and the war of Nasod and Humans began. Years passed with the Humans winning the ancient war but at the same time diminishing the El's power. Only a few ancient Nasods survived the war and made it back into their preservation capsules. For thousands of years, Eve was preserved in her capsule unit to avoid the catastrophe until an El fragment accidentally flew into it. Eve woke up to only find out that she was stranded alone in this new present time. She gathered her remaining energy and ancient knowledge and joined the El search party to revive King Nasod and the Nasod race as the last Nasod in the world. After all, a queen cannot be without a king and Eve understood that best.


        Voiced by: Yang Jeong-hwa (Korean), Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese)[7][8]
        A prince of the Seiker family are known protectors of Hamel City, the capital of Senace Kingdom. It is to this name that Chung was born. Widely known as Prince Seiker, Chung was trained for combat from his early years. When Senace Kingdom came under attack, his father devoted himself to defending it. Unfortunately, the demon possessed him, causing him to lose all control of his own body, and the noble fighter unwittingly came to lead the enemies to attack Hamel. The Prince tried to hold his father to try and stop him, but got seriously wounded by him. With the help of Elsword and his friends, Chung escapes the battlefield and is on the way to recovering from his wounds. Meanwhile, most parts of Senace are now occupied by the demons. He then decides to leave Hamel to the Crimson Knights and go with Elsword and his friends in the El search party to train and become stronger than ever. He swears to himself that he will not use the Seiker name and will call himself Chung until he returns to save Hamel and take the Water El back from the demons. He is named Lacher in Elsword Japan.

        Ara Haan

        Voiced by: Yeo Min-jeong (Korean), Satomi Satō (Japanese)[9]
        Ara is the daughter of the Haan Family, a warrior family that protected the seal of the Nine-Tailed-Fox for generations. At first glance, Ara looks like a kind and polite girl, but because of her family's influence, she is actually a highly skilled martial artist and spear wielder. Her brother, Aren Haan, began his training early and was able to become strong enough to become the Defense Captain of Fahrmann's capital. On one night, the village Ara had lived in had been attacked by an army of demons. Ara tried her best to fight back, but was outnumbered and cornered. In the destruction, Ara fell into a room containing a mysterious altar. A large hairpin that was pinned to the altar was thrown across the floor. Ara is approached by her brother, Aren, who is now Ran, the demon general who had led the invasion. Aren, who had inherited his strong spirit from the moon, had been corrupted and reborn as Ran due to the Dark El contaminating the moon's power. Ran had conquered Fahrmann's capital and led his army to retrieve the village's El-fragment.
        As Ran is about to kill Ara, the last survivor, she instinctively protected herself with the hairpin on the floor. The pin unleashed a powerful light and Ara fell unconscious. When she woke, Ara found herself alone in center of the village. The nine tailed fox had possessed her and fought the demons back. Ara then hears the spirit's voice, Eun, who had been sealed in the pin for centuries. Eun makes a contract with Ara, she will lend Ara her power and help her find her brother, Aren. In exchange, Ara has to help Eun find the power of the Elstone. Ara accepts, and they go on their journey to search for Aren.
        The duo arrives to Hamel after hearing of the demon invasion there, but Ara is too late and can only find traces of the demons. After searching, Ara comes across the ElTeam, who mistakes her for another demon. After the misunderstanding, Elsword tells Ara that they already had fought the demons and that Ran had escaped from the Water Temple. He offers Ara to travel with him and his team, as they may come across Ran again. Ara agrees, joining in hopes of finding her brother as well as the Elstone to fulfill her contract with Eun.


        Voiced by: Yoon Yuh-jin (Korean), Marina Inoue (Japanese)
        Elesis is strong willed but is prone to acting before talking. She would do anything as long as it's for her younger brother, Elsword, and cares deeply for him. Elesis's sword skills were passed down to her from her father who is a retired Velder Kingdom Knight, and she has shown extraordinary proficiency in fighting with a sword. Elesis had predicted the approaching demons that would bring danger to the continent, and as a result, she joins the Velder Knights to stop the demon invasion in order to protect Elrios and her younger brother. Elesis is not in the El search party.


        Voiced by: Jeong Jae-heon (Korean), Ryōhei Kimura (Japanese)
        Add is a descendant of a family that researched Nasods. His entire family was exterminated after being caught researching the forbidden secrets of the Nasods, and while escaping, Add fell into an Ancient Library and became trapped alone. Fortunately, there was a steady supply of food to sustain himself as well as a large number of books about the Nasods. Add spent his time reading them and waited for the day he could escape. With his vast knowledge, Add eventually invented the Nasod Dynamo using the parts from broken down Nasods found inside the library. Using the weapon's power, he escaped from the collapsing library. However, the isolation of being trapped alone for so long left Add insane along with an obsession to find rare Nasod codes. While traveling to look for more Nasod schematics, Adds finds that the race had no longer exists in the world. The library where Add had lived in distorted time inside, and sent him to a timeline far into the future. Thus, Add manipulates Wally in order to grow his strength and originally sought to find a way to get back to the past. That was until Add found traces of Eve from the corrupted Nasod King. Add is technically an enemy of the El Search Party.


        Template:Voiced by: Unknown
        "All these unfamiliar memories came to me..."
        Lu was one of the demon lords that supported the Demon Realm, but because of her subordinate's betrayal, she lost all her powers and was sealed away for a long time.
        In a last ditch effort, she undid the seal and escaped to Elrios but due to the immense consumption of mana required for jumping into Elrios, her appearance turned into that of a child. After her contract with Ciel, she starts to track down demons invading Elrios in order to regain her power and status.

        (Is expected to come out on December 18.)

        Lu and Ciel (below) are a duo, the first and only.


        Template:Voiced by: Unknown
        He is Lu's bodyguard and butler.
        An Assassin famous in the criminal underworld. After Lu had escaped through the gap in space and time, Ciel rescues and accompanies her. He loses his life to demon assassins, including Karis, that were after Lu, but manages revive as a half-demon by making contract with her. Out of gratitude for saving his life, Ciel aligns his cause with Lu's and travels with her until her goals are completed.

        Non-playable Characters[edit]

        These are the more notable non-playable characters that the players may encounter in their gameplay.



        The leader of Ruben's Training Field.


        The Chief of Ruben Village.


        The shopkeeper of Ruben.



        The Accessories Shopowner. She was a former bandit until she came over it.


        The Chief of Elder Villagers. He helps with the 1st Class Advancements for almost all Playable Characters.


        She is the Alchemist of Elder. Despite her young age, she is the best Alchemist in all of Elder.


        The Blacksmith of Elder. He is the younger brother of Hanna from Velder. He works in the same chains of equipment shop called "Swordsmith Cats" with her sister.



        Voiced by: Hideki Ogihara (Japanese)[7]
        The Chief of the Red Knights is very diligent and dedicated to safeguarding Hamel.


        Voiced by: Yōsuke Akimoto (Japanese)[7]
        Aspiring to become the best blacksmith in all of Elrios, he devotes himself to creating the best equipment. He has a quiet but cool vibe about him, and his seemingly ageless muscular body is admired by all the citizens. In Hamel, he is known as the "Flaming Horatio".


        Voiced by: Rei Matsuzaki (Japanese)[7]
        Lucy has been all over the world collecting rare accessories. Her knowledge is second to none when it comes to accessories. With all the commotion going on in Hamel, she thought it would be a good opportunity to collect some rare ancient accessories from the town.


        Voiced by: Shinya Fukumatsu (Japanese)[7]
        An otter alchemist who possesses the knowledge and alchemy insights beyond human limitation. His curiosity often causes big and small accidents, yet he's always very calm about it.





        Edel injured her leg when the El went on an rampage. She's always with her butler Sebastian, and loves to read. She seems to be stressed out recently due to increase in her work load.


        Steel is a 13 year old Dwarf Blacksmith. She's small but very strong!! Although she's only 140cm tall, she weighs over 70kg! Just like how she looks, she is very proud and has a strong sense of duty as a blacksmith.


        No one knows Faceoff's real name. According to the rumors, Faceoff lost his face while using a forbidden alchemy to resurrect the dead..?


        The butler of the Lanox Chief, Edel.

        All Towns[edit]


        Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki (Japanese)[6]
        Attendant from COBO, the largest adventure company. She gives out missions mostly related to actual events.


        Voiced by: Hitomi Harada (Japanese)[6]
        Ariel's younger sister. Provides Banking Service for players. Bank Upgrades can be purchased from the Cash Shop, or received during events to increase the number of slots available for storing items.


        Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese)



        There are a series of manhwa based on the game, published by Korean publisher Haksan Culture Company in a series of magazines called ElType. The magazines are created by KOG Studios, the creators of Elsword. They involve a main story in each magazine with short comic gags in the beginning and end. After the first four volumes had been released, the series went on a hiatus due to the main artist of Elsword leaving. Later on, KOG has created a short series of manhwas different from ElType, involving Chung and his transformation into his 2nd Job advancement. Eltype Season 3 has been introduced, this time featuring Add.

        ElType has been rebooted with a new team of artists during the release of Ara. The new title is now ElType Season 2. The first volume introduces Ara and her lore, along with numerous different short comics, each illustrated several different artists.

        Official Guide Book[edit]

        There is an official guide book (공식 가이드 북) for the game, released on 8 October 2010.

        Japanese-style webcomic[edit]

        In 2014 an Elsword manga-style webcomic was released in Brazilian territory, exclusive to the website.[10] It was written by Fábio Yabu, responsible for already established series Combo Rangers, and freely available.[11] The webcomic is aimed for children.

        Relationships with Grand Chase[edit]

        Elsword was originally a reboot of Grand Chase, another MMORPG created by KOG Studios. The two games shared many similarities, such as Elsword, Aisha, and Rena formerly named Elesis, Arme, and Lire, respectively, who were few of the main characters of Grand Chase. The obvious identical traits (such as the aforementioned) were scrapped when Elsword came out of beta testing as the two games were hosted by different companies. However, there are still many similarities between the two games, such as similar skill systems, names, character stories, traits, and monsters.


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