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Skogslandskap med innsjø (1858)

Erik Bodom (September 28, 1829 – c. 1879[1]) was a Norwegian landscape painter.

Bodom was born in Vestby, and was educated in Christiania (modern-day Oslo), but concerned himself more with drawing than his studies. When Hans Gude returned from Germany in 1848, Bodom joined his studio, and traveled with him in 1850 to Düsseldorf. He is associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting. Bodom's first large work, Aus dem Bondhusthal, went to the Bridgewater Gallery in London. The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design is the owner of Fra Nordmarken (1857).

Bodom's favored subjects were gloomy landscapes, lonely forest areas and mountain tarns. His work was characterized by a melancholic and romantic tendency. He died in Düsseldorf.


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