Estadio de Bata

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Estadio de Bata
Bata Stadium Equatorial Guinea.JPG
Location Bata, Equatorial Guinea
Coordinates 1°49′23″N 9°47′17″E / 1.823117°N 9.788149°E / 1.823117; 9.788149Coordinates: 1°49′23″N 9°47′17″E / 1.823117°N 9.788149°E / 1.823117; 9.788149
Built 2007
General contractor Covec
Capacity 35,700

Estadio de Bata is a multi-use stadium in Bata, Equatorial Guinea. The stadium had a capacity of 22,000 people and recently was expanded to a 40,000 capacity as one of the host stadiums for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations including the opening ceremony and semi-final. The stadium, was completed in 2007. It was a venue for the 2008 Women's African Football Championship. The stadium is located a few kilometers from the coast and adjacent to a sport complex currently under construction which features an indoor sports hall, covered swimming pool, hotel and most main sporting codes.


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