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Mormon Studies Review  
Former names
 Review of Books on the Book of Mormon
 FARMS Review of Books
 FARMS Review
Discipline Mormon studies
Language English
Edited by J. Spencer Fluhman
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Annually
ISSN 1550-3194
LCCN 2004212364
OCLC no. 55125778

Mormon Studies Review is an annual academic journal covering Mormon studies published by the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship. In March 2013, the Institute appointed J. Spencer Fluhman as the journal's editor-in-chief.[1]


The journal was established in 1989 by the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies as Review of Books on the Book of Mormon, with Daniel C. Peterson as founding editor-in-chief. The Review of Books on the Book of Mormon was renamed to FARMS Review of Books in 1996, to FARMS Review in 2003, and to Mormon Studies Review in 2011.[2][3][4][5]

During its early history, the journal specialized in apologetics. In 1997, Peterson said to the Salt Lake Tribune, "FARMS has often had a polemical edge and we are curious to see how or whether that will be accommodated."[6] In 2013, after an over a year-long hiatus, the journal began transitioning toward being a review journal without a primary focus on LDS apologetics,[7] at which time it set up a new broad-based advisory board and announced a change from biannual[8] to annual publication.[9][10][11]

Selected apologia of note[edit]

A review of Christopher Hitchens's God Is Not Great, published in FARMS Review by William J. Hamblin in 2009,[12] was highlighted in a more extensive criticism of Hitchens by atheistic American philosopher and social critic Curtis White in 2013.[13][14]

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