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Fan or fans may refer to:


  • Mechanical fan, a machine for producing airflow, often for cooling
    • Computer fan (or CPU Fan), a machine for cooling off the electronics contained within a computer
  • Hand fan, an implement held and waved by hand to move air
  • Future Air Navigation System (or FANS), an air traffic control scheme also known as CNS/ATM




One of several types of fan-shaped deposits of sediment caused by the flow of streams or glacial melt:




Other uses[edit]

  • Fan (surname) (Chinese character: 范, pinyin: Fàn), a common Chinese surname
    • Fan Clan, a prominent clan with the above surname during the Spring and Autumn Period of China
  • Fan, the legendary descendant of the Yellow Emperor claimed as the progenitor of the Su clan in China
  • Japanese war fan, an object used in Japanese feudal warfare, also used in martial arts
  • Korean fighting fan, an object used in Korean martial arts
  • Fang language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • Winnowing fan, device for winnowing grain

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