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Fatima Muhammad Al-Fihri Al-Quraysh ( فاطمة محمد الفهري, nicknamed Oum al Banine "mother of the children"[citation needed], died 880[citation needed]), daughter of a wealthy businessman, in 859 founded a mosque and madrasa in Fes, Morocco (then under Idrisid rule). The madrasa came to be one of the most notable institutions of this kind; it is still in operation today, since 1963 as the University of Qarawiyyin, and is sometimes dubbed the "world's oldest university".[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][page needed]

The Al-Fihri family belongs to the Fihrids Quraysh tribe who migrated from Mecca in the Arabian peninsula (modern day Saudi Arabia) to north Africa, later had migrated to Fes from Abbasid-ruled Kairouan (now in Tunisia; hence the name of the mosque) in the early 9th century, joining a community of other migrants from Kairouan who had settled in a western district of the city.

Fatima and her sister Mariam, both of whom were well educated, inherited a large amount of money from their father. Fatima vowed to spend her entire inheritance on the construction of a mosque suitable for her community.


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