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Federal News Service (FNS) is a company based in Washington, D.C., providing verbatim transcripts, in real time, on their website, www.fednews.com, of United States government events including press briefings, presidential speeches, conferences and congressional hearings. Other services transcription services, translation services and media monitoring services. The Dolan Company purchased Federal News Service in 2010.


Federal News Service (initially called Federal Transcripts) was founded in 1983[citation needed] and initially provided a subscription transcript service of daily White House, State Department, and Pentagon news briefings. Eventually the company expanded to include more coverage and other services. In August 2010, The Dolan Company acquired Federal News Service.

Today, Federal News Service features four main product lines: Washington Transcripts, Transcription Services, Media Monitoring and Translation Services.[1]

Washington Transcripts has increased its coverage of events in Washington, D.C. to include all presidential remarks, Cabinet & other agency press briefings, major congressional hearings, House and Senate Leadership press conferences, House and Senate Armed Services committees, Defense-related Appropriations Subcommittees, Intelligence Committee hearings, House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign relations hearing, House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committee Hearings, and select private transcription content from Think Tanks, military leadership and policy events.

Transcription Services provides on-demand transcripts in English and foreign languages as well as audio or video recording of events.

Media Monitoring includes Broadcast clips, FNS Portal and NewsClips Online. Federal News Service provides a DVD or digital download of any television broadcast clip from any market. The Portal subscription service monitors broadcast clips, internet interviews, and feature stories. NewsClips Online subscription service monitors online versions of newspapers, magazines, trade journals, wire services, and more.

Today, the on-demand translation department offers translation services in over 60 languages including Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Korean, Slovak, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, French, German and Spanish.


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