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Fleet FM is a low-power non-commercial co-operative radio station which is operated in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. The station is unique in that it is being run as a completely voluntary project and is advert free. This helps to ensure the Fleet disk jockey complete artistic control. The station's listenership crosses through traditional Auckland demographics reaching a diverse audience particularly those involved in the Arts and creative industries. Fleet FM was founded on 18 July 2003.

The station was heard anywhere in the world streaming at www.fleetfm.co.nz. In Auckland it was on 88.3FM and in Wellington on 107.3FM.

Fleet has held a variety of music and art related events, such as the infamous "Convoy" gigs and Camp Fleet, when on New Years the radio station takes over a classic Kiwi school camp. Fleet members are often exhibiting art about town and sometimes in conjunction with the Pelvic Trust.

Due to a lack of funding, Fleet shut down on 21st May, 2010, pending donations to make it viable again.

As of 2011 Fleet FM has transformed into Fleet Truck, a mobile radio station broadcastings sporadically from a truck in and around the Auckland area on 88.0 FM.

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