Fort Collins High School

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Fort Collins High School Fort Collins High School
Fort Collins, Colorado
United States
Coordinates 40°32′24″N 105°02′14″W / 40.54000°N 105.03722°W / 40.54000; -105.03722Coordinates: 40°32′24″N 105°02′14″W / 40.54000°N 105.03722°W / 40.54000; -105.03722
Type Public high school
Motto Home of the Champions/Where excellence is expected
Established c. 1890
School district Poudre School District
Principal Mark Eversole
Grades 9-12
Number of students ~1,800 (Near Full Capacity)[citation needed]
Campus type single building
Color(s) Purple, Gold, and silver             
Athletics 4A
Mascot Lambkin
Newspaper Spilled Ink

Fort Collins High School, located at 3400 Lambkin Way, Fort Collins, Colorado, is one of four public senior high schools in the Poudre School District. Its school colors are purple and gold and the mascot is a lambkin. The school serves approximately 1,800 students and has a staff of about 130 faculty.


Fort Collins High School is over 100 years old. Classes were originally held on the second floor of the old Franklin Grade School at the corner of West Mountain and Howes Street. Almost 40 students were in the first classes at the school. By 1903, the need for a new building was apparent. At this time, the high school was moved to a new building on Meldrum Street where the present Lincoln Center stands. During the ensuing years, additions were placed on this building in 1915 and 1921. In 1924, a brand new building which currently stands at 1400 Remington Street was constructed. Classes were held in this building from 1925 to 1995. In 1953, a large gymnasium was built on the north side of the building. A science addition was added to the south end in the mid-1980s.

Due to increasing student numbers, a new Fort Collins High School was built at the corner of Horsetooth and Timberline Roads at 3400 Lambkin Way, and it opened in the fall of 1995. The enrollment at Fort Collins High School for 2006 will exceed 1500 students. As of 2013, the largest graduating senior class passed through the doors with almost 400 students. Approximately 30,000 students have graduated since the first class of 1893.

During the 2009 school year 9th graders transitioned to the Poudre School District high schools including FCHS. Before that time the high schools served only grades 10-12. The current enrollment at FCHS is estimated at close to 1500.

In February 2014, Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith questioned Mark Eversole, the FCHS principal, who forbade students from holding a celebration of American patriotism. Smith appeared in 12-degree weather outside the school and held up an American flag in support of the students. "Whoever would have thought that American teenagers would be treated as second-class citizens in their own country?" Smith asked. Eversole quickly apologized and announced the next week that his school would hold "America Day."[1]


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