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For other people named Francis MacDonald, see Francis MacDonald (disambiguation).

Francis Macdonald (born 11 September 1970[1]) is a drummer and sometime member of British alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub.[2] He has also played with BMX Bandits[3] and Eugenius. He is no relation to keyboard player Finlay MacDonald who also played with both bands.


Macdonald recorded a solo album called "Sauchiehall & Hope - A Pop Opera" under the pseudonym "Nice Man" and "The Art of Hanging Out" as "Nice Man and the Bad Boys". He runs Shoeshine Records / Spit & Polish in Glasgow and manages the bands Camera Obscura and Attic Lights.

Other artists he has worked with include: Kevin Ayers, Kim Fowley, Robert Forster, Dan Penn, Alex Chilton, John Herald, Chip Taylor, Ben Vaughn, Laura Cantrell, Kate Rusby, Camera Obscura, Belle & Sebastian, Looper, Future Pilot A.K.A., The Hermit Crabs, The Pastels, Radio Sweethearts, Michael Shelley, Cheeky Monkey, Frank Blake,Speeder, Astro Chimp, and Harry Pye.

Macdonald has produced a (currently unreleased) Jerry Lee Lewis album. He provided the music for the British comedy feature film Zemanovaload starring Ed Byrne. His music has also been used in MTV's The Real World, Fashion TV, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, Sky News, The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Emilio Estevez's film Late Last Night and a mobile phone ad in South Korea. He plans to keep writing songs while working on music for TV, films and adverts.


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