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Franjo Krežma (2 September 1862 – 5 June 1881), also known as Franz Krezma in German-speaking countries, was a Croatian violinist and composer.

Born in Osijek, Croatia, he showed interest for music in his early childhood and his talent was obvious in playing the violin and gave him a reputation of an authentic violin virtuoso. Still a child, at the age of only 9 he entered the music Conservatory of Vienna, Austria as the youngest student ever, completing studies with 13, starting the spectacular European career. Already at the age of 16 Krežma was highly admired in cities across Europe like Rome, Prague, Genoa, Paris, Venice. At age 17, he became concert master of the Royal orchestra in Berlin what is today Staatskapelle Berlin.

Highly respected and admired by famous musicians like Giuseppe Verdi, Henry Vieuxtemps, Franz Liszt with whom he once played, Franjo Krežma did compose only one symphony, three overtures, several marches and dances for the orchestra. He died very young at the age of 19 due to tuberculosis.