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Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) is a group aimed to extend support the Democratic Government of Pakistan in its efforts to consolidate democracy in Pakistan and support social and economic development in the country. The group was launched in New York on 26 September 2008 on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly session. The initial meeting was Co-chaired by United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. It is modelled on the Friends of Israel Initiative.

The founding members states of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan included Britain, France, Germany, the United States, China, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Turkey, Australia and Italy plus the United Nations and the European Union. Other countries also joined and at the meeting held in Abu Dhabi in April 2009 a total of 24 member states and international organizations attended.

The first meeting of Friends of Pakistan was headed by the former President of the Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, and attended by the Foreign Ministers of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Turkey, and representatives of China, the European Union and the United Nations and the Foreign Ministers of United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The next meeting of Friends of Pakistan Conference was held in Abu Dhabi in which Pakistan was represented by Javed Malik, Pakistan's Ambassador at Large and Aizaz Chaudhary Additional Foreign Secretary from Government of Pakistan.[1]

Expert Level Meeting in Abu Dhabi[edit]

An Expert Level meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan group was hosted by the United Arab Emirates in the country's capital, Abu Dhabi on April 1 and 2, 2009. The meeting finalised the agenda for the ministerial level meeting which took place in Tokyo on April 17, and was presided by the President of Pakistan.

Representatives from 22 donor countries and international development institutions participated in the experts level meeting. The member states included Japan, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, People’s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, EU (European Commission), Australia, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, United Nations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Islamic Development.

Pakistan Delegation

1. H.E. Salman Farooqi - Federal Minister and Secretary General to the President of Pakistan

2. H.E. Javed Malik - Pakistan's Ambassador at Large

3. Kamal Shah - - Secretary of State for Interior

4. Salman Siddiqui - Secretary of State for Finance

5. Farrauk Qayyum - Secretary of State for Economic Affairs

6. Shahid Rafi - Secretary of Water & Power

7. Senator Suggra Dr Anwar Muhammad Gargash Al Awadhi, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs was the chief guest at inaugural session of the meeting. Salman Faruqui, co-chairman, Federal Minister and Secretary General to the President of Pakistan would lead the Pakistan delegation and represent the President of Pakistan Secretary, Planning Commission briefed the participants on Pakistan’s strategic perspective on the Friends of Pakistan-Clusters on development, security, energy and institution building. Secretaries Finance and Economic Affairs Division presented Pakistan’s strategic perspective on the Tokyo Donors Conference and Trade and Finance. Secretary Interior briefed the participants of FODP meeting proposals developed by the security cluster for enhancement of capacity of the Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies and forces to fight militancy and fight against terror. Pakistan's Ambassador-at-Large Javed Malik gave presentation on Public Diplomacy, whereas a Presentation on institution building cluster was given by Senator Sughra Khan

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