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Virus classification
Group: Group II (ssDNA)
Family: Anelloviridae
Genus: Gammatorquevirus

Torque Teno Midi Virus

Gammatorquevirus is a recently discovered genus in the new family of Anelloviridae, in group II in the Baltimore classification. It encompasses two type species of the Torque Teno Midi Virus.


One isolate has been obtained from the dental pulp of a soldier who died during the Napoleon's retreat from Russia (1812).[1]


  1. ^ Bédarida S, Dutour O, Buzhilova AP, de Micco P, Biagini P (2011) Identification of viral DNA (Anelloviridae) in a 200-year-old dental pulp sample (Napoleon's Great Army, Kaliningrad, 1812). Infect Genet Evol 11(2):358-362

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