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Gay Times
February 2010 "Sex issue" cover of Gay Times
Editor Darren Scott
Categories Gay & Bisexual
Circulation 55,000[1] (2006)
First issue 1975
Company Millivres Prowler Group Ltd.
Country United Kingdom
Language English
ISSN 0950-6101

Gay Times (branded as GT) is one of the United Kingdom's leading gay magazines[2][3] for gay and bisexual men. Originally published as Gay Times, from March 2007, it re-labeled itself as GT.

Publication and content[edit]

Gay Times (GT) magazine is published by Millivres Prowler Group Ltd. The first issue of Gay Times appeared in 1984, when it starred Lewis Mannion and was created as a spin-off from HIM magazine, which started in 1975.

Millivres Prowler also publishes DIVA, Europe's leading monthly magazine for lesbians, as well as META, a digital magazine for the transgender community. They also own and operate the LGBT news brand

Gay Times produces thirteen issues each year and includes celebrity interviews, news, features and sections on music, film, literature, style and travel. It also includes lifestyle advertisements and a large directory section, including advertising for escorts, counselling services and phone lines.

Recent celebrity cover stars include actor Sir Ian McKellen, X Factor winner Matt Cardle, and American band Scissor Sisters.

In December 2011 GT celebrated their landmark 400th issue, marking almost thirty years in print.

In popular culture[edit]

  • On Little Britain, Daffyd Thomas is outraged when his local news agent sells the copy of Gay Times to the local blacksmith, as she only gets "the one in for you", as he loudly and often proclaims that he's the only gay in the village. The news agent describes the issue as having Hazell Dean in it and a "very informative article on rimming".
  • In the 1996 film Beautiful Thing, Jamie's theft of a copy of Gay Times (issue 200) from a newsagent for himself and Ste to find gay venues to go to is a key plot element.
September 2004 issue; used on the London Underground
  • In September 2004 Gay Times had a controversial advertising campaign on the London Underground with pictures of their September issue front cover, that proved popular with Gay Times readers. It was the first advertising campaign to feature a gay kiss, attracting only one complaint that was later thrown out by the Advertising Standards Agency.
  • From March 2007, Gay Times was relabeled as GT announcing: "The Future's Here: Are You Up For It? New Look. New Attitude. New Sections. New Writers. New Style. Gay Times becomes GT".
  • In the November 2008 issue a controversial advertising campaign was launched, entitled Homo Promo. This campaign was a reaction to right-wing evangelical groups claiming that gay people have an agenda to promote homosexuality. In response to these accusations GT asked advertising agencies to create campaigns that would sell 'Homosexuality' as an appealing choice and recruit for the cause.

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