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This article is about a publishing industry body in the UK. For other uses, see PPA.

The Professional Publishers Association (PPA), formerly known as the Periodical Publishers Association, is a publishing industry body which promotes and protects the interests of companies involved in the production of consumer, customer and business media in the United Kingdom.


Much of the PPA's work is carried out through various groups and committees. These include PPA Marketing,[1] which provides insight into the consumer magazine sector; PPA Business, which represents the interests of business media and data publishers; and the Independent Publishers Network (IPN). The PPA has a branch in Scotland to cater more specifically for publishing businesses in that region.

The PPA holds a series of awards each year to recognise the work of its members, including the PPA Awards[2] and the Independent Publisher Awards.[3] The association also hosts an Annual Conference, a major networking event for the entire industry.

In 2008, the PPA sponsored a contest, "The Great Cover Debate", to determine the best British magazine covers of all time.[4] The entrants were chosen by magazine editors, and a shortlist of 16 covers was selected by an industry panel. In a public Internet vote, a Radio Times cover from May 2005, depicting Daleks crossing Westminster Bridge, was chosen as the best cover.[5][6]

The PPA is the umbrella body for the Periodicals Training Council.,[7] which runs courses and accredits some university journalism and publishing programmes. It runs two annual awards events, the Magazine Academy awards and the PTC New Talent Awards. The Magazine Academy awards judge magazines and digital concepts submitted by students on accredited courses. The overall 2010 winner was Munchkin, a children's food magazine submitted by students from the University of Central Lancashire.[8] The PTC New Journalist of the Year award focuses on writing, and awards prizes across eight categories.[9]

The current CEO of the PPA is Barry McIlheney.

The PPA is one of the seventeen Gatekeepers of the United Kingdom Press Card Association.

PPA Awards[edit]

The PPA Awards are presented annually by the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) to recognise and reward editorial and publishing excellence and outstanding achievements of the individuals, publications and brands in the British magazine sector.[10][11]

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