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s a book series, written by author Nancy E. Krulik and published by the Penguin Group. George Brown is often visited by "super burps", that make him act crazy and have no control of his actions. George changed his last name to "Brown" (his mom's maiden name) in the beginning of the series. He previously used his dad's last name "Brennan" in the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo series.

Books in the series[edit]

  • Super Burp (#1)
  • Trouble Magnet (#2)
  • World's Worst Wedgie (#3)
  • What's Black, White, And Stinks All Over? (#4)
  • Wet And Wild (#5)
  • Help! I'm Stuck In A Giant Nostril (#6)
  • Attack Of The Tighty Whites (#7)
  • Hey! Who Stole The Toilet (#8)
  • Dance Your Pants Off (#9)
  • Three Burps and You're Out (#10)
  • Eww! What's on My Shoe (#11)
  • Lice Check (#12)
  • How Do You Pee in Space? (#13)
  • 'Snot Funny (#14)

Super Specials[edit]

  • The Twelve Burps Of Christmas (#1)
  • Burp or treat...smell my feet! (#2)

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