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George Clark
Born 11 April 1888
Bromley, Kent
United Kingdom
Died 21 December 1946
United Kingdom
Other names George Clarke
George Broome
Occupation Film actor
Film producer
Years active 1919-1925 (producer)

George Clark (1888-1946) was a British film actor and film producer during the silent era. For many years Clark worked with the British star Guy Newall, who he had met during the First World War. Together they founded Lucky Cat Films and later George Clark Productions, securing a distribution arrangement with the larger Stoll Pictures.

After initially working out of a studio on Ebury Street in Central London, they raised finance to construct Beaconsfield Studios and work began in 1921.[1] They opened the new studio the following year, but after being hit by the Slump of 1924 remained largely inactive for the rest of the decade. Clark later sold the studios to the British Lion Film Corporation in 1929.[2]

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