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George Washington Carver Senior High School is a high school in the Desire Area,[1] in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans.[2] As of 2012-2013 it serves grades 10 through 12. It is directly operated by the Recovery School District.[3] It was previously operated by New Orleans Public Schools.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina the school had about 1,300 students. After Katrina, the original building was demolished.[4] In August 2007 the Recovery School District (RSD) placed students from Carver and Marshall Middle School in twenty-four temporary trailers on the site of Holy Cross High School in the south end of the Lower Ninth Ward. In September of that year the students were to move to another set of trailers in the original Carver/Marshall campus.[1] As of 2013, Carver students attend classes in trailers. The principal referred to them as "bungalows". As of 2013 the school has 375 students.[4]

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