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A school (from Greek σχολεῖον - scholeion) is an institution designed to allow and encourage students (or "pupils") to learn, under the supervision of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is commonly compulsory. In these systems, students often progress through a series of schools: primary school, secondary school, and possibly a university, vocational school or a college. There are also non-governmental schools, called private or independent schools. A school may be dedicated to a particular field, such as a school of economics or a school of dance. Alternative schools and democratic education may provide nontraditional methods and curriculum, or no curriculum, as it were. In homeschooling and online schools, teaching and learning take place outside of a traditional school building. The use of the term school varies by country, as do the names of the various levels of education within the country.
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L. D. Bell High School, part of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District
Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District (HEB ISD) is a K-12 public school district based in Bedford, Texas (USA). The district serves the city of Bedford, most of the cities of Euless and Hurst, and small parts of North Richland Hills, Colleyville, Fort Worth, and Arlington. The district operates nineteen elementary schools, five junior high schools, and two high schools. HEB ISD offers "Edge" programs, which provide unique opportunities for students to develop skills beyond standard primary and secondary school curriculum.

The district has been named one of the top four districts in the state and recognized for achievements in academics and student performance, music education, public relations practices, operating efficiency, and teacher salaries. Both of HEB ISD's high schools are ranked on Newsweek's 2007 list of the top 1,200 high schools in the country: L.D. Bell High School is listed 210th (4th highest in Tarrant County) and Trinity High School is listed 304th (6th highest in Tarrant County). In March 2005, the District received the Lone Star Award for best public relations practices in the state from the Texas Public Relations Association, recognizing outstanding ethics and business operations when communicating with stakeholders.

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Gordonstoun House
Credit: (c) Anne Burgess

Gordonstoun is a Scottish co-educational independent school famed for having educated three generations of British royalty. Founded as an international school in 1934 by the German educator Dr. Kurt Hahn, it is best-known as the school attended during the 1960s by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, on the recommendation of his father, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who had himself been one of the first students to attend Gordonstoun.

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Nathan Covington Brooks
Nathan Covington Brooks (August 12, 1809 – October 6, 1898) was an educator, historian, and poet born in West Nottingham, Cecil County, Maryland, U.S. He began his education at the West Nottingham Academy, and upon graduating enrolled at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. Brooks was the first principal of Baltimore City College, the third oldest public high school in the United States, and the only president of the Baltimore Female College, the first institution of higher education for women in Maryland. He also was the owner of the The American Museum, a literary magazine, in which he published several works of the famed poet Edgar Allan Poe, and the author of several textbooks on classical literature. Brooks died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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