George Wegner Paus

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George Wegner Paus

George Wegner Paus (14 October 1882 – 22 December 1923) was a Norwegian lawyer and Director at the Norwegian Employers' Confederation from shortly after its establishment.[1] As such, he played an important role in the development of Norwegian labour law from the early 20th century.[2]

He graduated with the cand.jur. degree at The Royal Frederick's in 1904 and was employed as Secretary, effectively general counsel, at the newly founded Norwegian Employers' Confederation, becoming its second management-level employee. In 1918 he became Director. He was part of the Norwegian delegation at the conference that established the International Labour Organization in 1919, together with Johan Castberg and others.[2]

He was the brother of Nikolai Nissen Paus and a grandson of industrialist Benjamin Wegner. He was named for his uncle, the supreme court advocate George Mygind Wegner (1847–1881), who in turn was named for the former British consul in Oslo, George Mygind (died 1844).


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