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This article is about the town. For the region, see Gokwe Region. For the district around the town, see Gokwe South District. For the district around Nembudziya, see Gokwe North District.

Gokwe Centre is a rural small town in the Midlands province in Zimbabwe. The town is usually referred to as "Gokwe Centre" because the larger region is called Gokwe.

Gokwe was originally a government station. It housed a district commissioner, police, hospital, veterinary services and other government rural agencies. Primarily for the administration of the distinct, it was also the base for the control of the tsetse fly and its associated lethal disease trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness). The place was pronounced a growth point in 1980 under the government growth point policy. It is one success case of such a policy whose results in July 2007 culminated in he proclamation by the state the it becomes a town. The step to establish the administrative machinery of the town included the pitting in place of a commission appointed by the minister for local government in terms of the urban councils act. This was to last until the coming in of elected councilors. The election's of June 2008 ushered in a first crop of elected councilors for the town. The town area was divided to form 6 wards. Consequently there had to be six councilors. There also came two special interest councilors appointed by the minister in terms of the urban councils act. The population of the town is estimated to be around 30000. It has 6 suburbs that include Green Valley (low density), Njelele (high density), Mapfungautsi (high density), Sasame (low density), Cheziya (medium density) and Nyaradza (medium density).

Coordinates: 18°13′S 28°56′E / 18.217°S 28.933°E / -18.217; 28.933