Great Space Roaster

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"Great Space Roaster"
American Dad! episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 18
Directed by Joe Daniello
Written by Jonathan Fener
Featured music "The Sign"
by Ace of Base
Production code 5AJN12
Original air date May 16, 2010
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"An Incident at Owl Creek"
Next →
"100 A.D."
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"Great Space Roaster" is the eighteenth episode and the season finale of the sixth season of American Dad!. It originally aired on May 16, 2010. It was written by Jonathan Fener and directed by Joe Daniello. The Smiths must escape Roger after their birthday comedy roast causes him to attempt to murder them in revenge.


It's Roger's 1,601st birthday, but instead of partying at the bowling alley as the family planned, he begs to be roasted. At work, Stan learns that the CIA has been purchased by the CHIAPet corporation and will be sending Saunders and his family into space for a year to test CHIAPet growing there on a space station. At Pricey's Steakhouse, the family gives Roger a brutal roasting and all seems well at first; but when he removes his glasses they see he has been crying. He is furious, and later vows to pull his life together. He gets a new job, sobers up, gets in shape and gets a life coach.

Roger seems to have his act together, and goes out jogging. When Klaus notices the porn channel appears unscrambled, the family rushes into the living room, narrowly avoiding the kitchen exploding. Their suspicions aroused about Roger, they follow him and all appears normal. Laughing off their suspicions with Roger that night, they again avoid death as the house is shot up. Roger convinces them they are in danger and has them rush to the car to escape, where they realize he not only set up the shooting, but also sabotaged the brakes of their car; The Smiths are saved only by the car's sturdiness. Confronting Roger, he admits he had tried to kill them in revenge for their roast, and will never stop until he succeeds. Stan then attacks Roger who quickly gains the upper hand, only to be stopped by Steve's tranquilizer gun. Stan decides to put him in the most escape-proof place he can think of; Roger is left unconscious with drugs and put in an underwater cell surrounded by mines in Bang Kwang Central Prison, but Roger soon murders his way out.

Having rowed to the Indianapolis airport on a raft built out of corpses of the prison guards, Roger watches a basketball game at a bar, where he calls The Smiths and vows that there is no place on Earth they can escape his wrath; they find a way to take Saunders' family's place in space. However, they are unaware that Roger has stowed away on the space shuttle. Three days later, Klaus comes up missing and Stan sends Steve to find him. After he is found in a washing machine, Klaus tries to warn Steve, but it is too late and Roger attacks. Roger sets off alarms on the ship warning the family of his presence and they split up to try to make it to the escape pod. Roger catches Francine and Hayley by turning the gravity off, while Stan flees for the escape pod. Just when Stan thinks he has escaped, he discovers Roger hidden in the pod and Stan is also captured.

When they awaken, they find themselves bound on the shuttle as Roger appears and orders them to roast each other so they can feel the same pain he felt, or receive electric shocks. After a tepid start, the family begins to enjoy themselves to Roger's bewilderment. Revealing they can laugh at themselves and each other because they're so close, they help Roger realize that he is part of the family too.

Cultural references[edit]

The episode makes several cultural references, including Alien, Kindergarten Cop, actor Merlin Olsen, and his role on the 1980s series Father Murphy. During their space shuttle contest, the CIA is renamed the Central Human Intelligence Agency (C.H.I.A.) after its new corporate sponsor, the Chia Pet company. Roger attacking each family member is a homage to a similar kidnapping in the first Alien film.[1]


"Great Space Roaster" originally aired on May 16, 2010 on Fox.[2] In its original American broadcast, "Great Space Roaster" was viewed by an estimated 5.822 million viewers with a 2.8 rating/7% share in the 18-49 demographic, going down 7% from the previous week's episode "An Incident at Owl Creek".[2]


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