Gunmen (1988 film)

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Traditional 天羅地網
Simplified 天罗地网
Mandarin Tiān Luó Dì Wǎng
Cantonese Tin1 Lo4 Dei6 Mong2
Directed by Kirk Wong
Produced by Tsui Hark
Screenplay by Law Kam Fai
Nip Wang Fung
Starring Tony Leung
Adam Cheng
Waise Lee
Mark Cheng
David Wu
Elvis Tsui
Carrie Ng
Elizabeth Lee
Music by Danny Chung
Cinematography Andrew Lau
Ardy Lam
Edited by David Wu
Distributed by Golden Princess Films
Release dates
22 October 1988 (1988-10-22)
Running time
87 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$4,825,777

Gunmen is a 1988 Hong Kong action crime drama film produced by Tsui Hark, directed by Kirk Wong and starring Tony Leung, Adam Cheng and Waise Lee. The film was rated Category III by the Hong Kong motion picture rating system.


During the Chinese Civil War, a group of war friends Ting Kwan Pik, Cheung, Lau Fuk Kwong and Cheung Cho Fan were captured and brutally tortured by officer Haye. After they escape, Ting headed to Shanghai and became a cop. Ting is also one of the few righteous, incorruptible cops in Shanghai. Although the police force consists mostly of corrupt cops, the superintendent is an honest man. One time during a drug raid, Ting kills Haye's uncle Leung. Haye, who has know became an opium smuggler, vows of revenge and later kills Ting's partner. Ting also swears revenge, and with nobody else helping, he tracks down his war friends and enlists their help to outlaw opium smuggling.


  • Tony Leung Ka-fai as Ting Kwan Pik
  • Adam Cheng as Haye
  • Waise Lee as Captain Cheung
  • Mark Cheng as Lau Fuk Kwong
  • David Wu as Cheung Cho Fan
  • Elvis Tsui as Superintendent
  • Carrie Ng as Cho Chiu
  • Elizabeth Lee as Mona Fong Siu Man
  • Andrew Kam as Uncle Leung
  • Ho Leng Leng as Sze Sze
  • Yuen Bun as Captain Keung
  • Wong Kam Kong as Tsou
  • Chui Po Lun as Ting Kwan Pik's subordinate
  • Cho King Man
  • Wong Hung as Fatty
  • Stewart Tam as Station Inspector
  • Chu Tau as Brother San
  • Kam Piu as interpretor for France Ambassador
  • Jackson Ng as Haye's thug
  • Chiu Kwok Chi as corrupt cop
  • James Ha as opium maker
  • Lau Fong Sai as Cheung
  • Law Kam Fai
  • Nip Wang Fung
  • Ng Kwok Kin as cop
  • Shing Fu On as Haye's soldier
  • Lui Tou Cheung
  • Choi Man Hung
  • Lung Ying as Hung's thug
  • Ho Wing Cheung as Haye's thug
  • Kong Long as opium maker
  • Tin Kai-Man as Haye's thug
  • Yeung Sing as Haye's thug
  • Lam Tit Ching as Haye's thug
  • Ho Chi Moon as Superintendent's assistant
  • Hui Sze Man as prostitute
  • James M. Crockett as French ambassador

Box office[edit]

The film grossed HK$4,825,777 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 22 October to 7 November 1988 in Hong Kong.

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