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The HIPAS (HIgh Power Auroral Stimulation) Observatory was an ionospheric heater, which could radiate 70 MW ERP at either 2.85 MHz or 4.53 MHz. located 30 miles Northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska, in the small community of Two Rivers. It was located at: 64° 52’ 19" N latitude and 146° 50’ 33" W longitude and operated year-round. The HIPAS Observatory was operated by the UCLA plasma physics laboratory.

The HIPAS facility was engaged in the study of the ionosphere through the use of high power radio transmission as well as a LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging ) instrument. The facility was home to several projects with some interesting equipment, including:

Some of the research conducted at HIPAS was similar to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), and so the staff of the facility sometimes had to answer the same questions from the public. The facility has been shut down and much of the equipment sold off as surplus during the Spring of 2010. [1][2]

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Coordinates: 64°52′19″N 146°50′33″W / 64.871944°N 146.8425°W / 64.871944; -146.8425