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The Hamilton Institute is a multi-disciplinary research centre at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. It is presumably named after William Rowan Hamilton, a very distinguished Irish mathematician.

The Hamilton Institute was formally established in November 2001 under the first round of funding,[1][2] by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and officially opened by Bill Harris, SFI Director-General. Since 2001 the institute has grown in size to around 45 full-time researchers in 2008.[3] From 2001-2009 the institute Director has been Prof. Douglas Leith. In this period the institute has been successful in winning a number of large research grants, in addition to the original seed funding grant from SFI, including the €4.7M National Communications Network Research Centre,[4] a €2.5M Systems Biology initiative,[5][6] the €2.7M Next Generation Internet project,[7] the National Biophotonics Platform[8] and the €2.2M Network Mathematics initiative.[9][10][11] The institute is also a partner in the €5.8M SFI funded FAME strategic research cluster announced in 2009.[12][13] The institute is one of the largest dedicated research institutes (i.e. with its own faculty and research staff) in Ireland.

The Hamilton Institute's stated aim[14] is to provide a bridge between mathematics and its applications in ICT and biology. It has organised a number of high profile inter-disciplinary workshops including a successful series of biannual International Workshops on Non-negative Matrices & Their Applications,[15] now in its third year (having run in 2004,[16] 2006[17] and 2008[18]) and a series of International Workshops on Systems Biology (in 2006[19] and 2008[20]).

The Hamilton Institute robotic soccer team were Robocup World Champions in 2008,.[21][22]

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