Hard to Be Me

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Hard to Be Me
Created by Edward Robert Bach
Starring Edward Robert Bach
Kendra North
Katie E. Jones
Michael Garvey
Ali Walton
Doug Henderson
Megan Hurst
Kelli Biggs
Estenia Goodridge
Carleen Troy
Brandon Rice
Opening theme "It's Hard to Be Me" by Cyndi Lauper
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 0
No. of episodes 1
Executive producer(s) Edward Robert Bach
Robert P. Bach
Virginia Ryker
Producer(s) Lauren Gildner
Aditi V. Desai
Edward Robert Bach
Virginia Ryker
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel To Be Announced
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)

Hard to Be Me is an independently produced comedy-drama series created by and starring Edward Robert Bach.[1] The show follows second year art student Kevin Hamilton (Bach) and his vlog in which he tells the story of his week more through his art than his words. This device would frame future episodes of the show.[2]

This framing device has led to Hard to Be Me being called "the first web 2.0 television show"[3] and is often cited by the director of the pilot episode Erik Cieslewicz as one of the main reasons he worked on the project.[3][4] It has been described as "a little Gilmore Girls a little Everybody Hates Chris and a lot of famility-oriented funny,"[5] which is also often cited by the pilot's creators as a major component of the show.[6][7][8]

Currently being pitched to networks by an agent,[9] Hard to Be Me has won a "slew of awards at film festivals."[10]


"There is definitely some of me in the plot and character developed around Kevin" according to Bach, but he still hopes "Viewers will see themselves in all the characters" as well.[1] It took about a year from start to finish to produce the pilot episode.[11] Bach has stated numerous times that he would like the characters in the show to be relatable and empathetic while the plots to be universal and family friendly.[1][6] Additionally, the reason to set the show in Washington, D.C. was to show "the softer, non-political side of DC and the people who live here."[7]

According to Cieslewicz, "the goal from the beginning was to create a broadcast-ready pilot,"[11] and that the production considered "hundreds" of actors from the Washington D.C. area when casting.[4] Kevin's favorite artist in the show is also one of Bach's as well: Drew Struzan. According to Bach, Struzan "liked the idea of the Pilot"[7] and his self-portrait appears in the pilot.[12]

In August 2010, the show reached an agreement with Cyndi Lauper to provide her track It's Hard to Be Me as the theme song of the show.[9]


  • Edward Robert Bach as Kevin Hamilton
  • Kendra North as Patricia Hamilton
  • Katie E. Jones as Shannon Hamilton
  • Michael Garvey as Patrick Hamilton
  • Ali Walton as Olivia Willis-Henshall
  • Doug Henderson as Daniel Corrigan
  • Megan Hurst as Juliet Crawford
  • Kelli Biggs as Dr. Candice Wilkes
  • Estenia Goodridge as Melody
  • Carleen Troy as Shareece
  • Brandon Rice as Malcolm


Using the framing device of Kevin's video blog, the pilot follows Kevin receiving the weekly assignment of creating the blog from his demanding Communications 101 professor Dr. Candice Wilkes (Biggs). His first blog, introducing his family and friends, introduces the audience to the universe of the show as well.[5] The show also follows a group of characters, who like the audience, are watching Kevin's blog as part of the narrative of the show.[3]


In addition to calling the pilot "the first web 2.0 TV show," The Wausau City Pages also described it as "giving a truly unique perspective on youth, life and social media technology."[3] Blogger William Powell declared in his review that the show was "directed with crisp professionalism by Erik Cieslewicz" and that "Hard To Be Me is a pilot that will probably wind up on the small screen on a major network soon. Mark my words."[5] Additionally, the pilot has won many awards screening in film festivals.[10]


Year Category Institution or publication Result Notes Citation
2011 Best Dramedy New York International Independent Film and Video Festival Won Short Category [13]
2011 Silver Award California Film Awards Won TV Pilot Category [14]
2010 Best TV Pilot New York International Independent Film and Video Festival Won [15]
2010 Leading Actor
Leading Actress
TV Pilot
Accolade Competition Won Edward Robert Bach
Kendra North
Award of Excellence


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