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Harold Becker (born September 25, 1928) is American film director and producer from New York. Some of the films he has directed include The Onion Field, Taps, The Boost, Sea of Love, Malice, City Hall and Mercury Rising.


After studying art and photography at the Pratt Institute, Becker began his career as a still photographer,[1] but later tried his hand at directing television commercials, short films and documentaries. Becker made his film debut in 1972 when he directed The Ragman's Daughter along with Souter Harris.[2] After this film, he went on to other films, including thrillers where ordinary people are caught up in danger and the unexpected. Of these, the one he is applauded for is his 1979 true story film, The Onion Field.

Becker won the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival Gold Prize for his short film Ivanhoe Donaldson.



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