Harold W. Percival

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Harold W. Percival
Harold W. Percival.png
Born April 15, 1868
Bridgetown, Barbados, British West Indies
Died March 6, 1953
New York City, US
Resting place Cremated
Occupation Theosophist and writer
Language English
Nationality American
Subjects Theosophy
Notable work(s) Thinking and Destiny

Harold Waldwin Percival (15 April 1868 - 6 March 1953) was a Theosophist and writer who founded The Word Foundation, famous for his magnum opus Thinking and Destiny.

In 1904 he began publishing The Word, "A monthly magazine devoted to Philosophy, Science, Religion, Eastern thought, Occultism, Theosophy, and the Brotherhood of Humanity."

His writings have been noted as a major influence upon the famous science-fiction and fantasy author, Richard Matheson, who declared that his work The Path (1999) was based largely on the ideas of Percival.



  • Thinking and Destiny
  • Masonry and its Symbols
  • Man and Woman and Child
  • Democracy is Self-Government
  • Adepts Masters and Mahatmas


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