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1 hectometre =
SI units
0.10000 km 100.00 m
US customary / Imperial units
109.36 yd 328.08 ft

The hectometre (International spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures; SI symbol: hm) or hectometer (American spelling) is an uncommonly used unit of length in the metric system, equal to one hundred metres. It derives from the Greek word "ekato", meaning "hundred". A regulation football or soccer field is approximately 1 hectometre in length.

  • For area the square hectometer (hm2) is a common unit. It is more commonly known by the name of hectare (ha), meaning 100 ares (100 a). The are is a measurement of area the size of 1 decametre by 1 decametre, which is 10 metres by 10 metres. Hence 100 ares equals an area with dimensions 100 m by 100 m — 1 hectometre by 1 hectometre, the square hectometre — equalling 10,000 square metres (10,000 m2)
  • For volumes the cubic hectometre (hm3) is also used, 100 m by 100 m by 100 m equalling 1,000,000 cubic metres (1,000,000 m3).
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The Pyramid of Cheops is 138.8 metres high.
British driver location sign and location marker post on the M27 in Hampshire. The location marker posts are installed at 100-metre intervals[1]

To compare different orders of magnitude this page lists lengths between 100 metres and 1000 metres (1 kilometre).

Distances shorter than 100 metres


100 metres (sometimes termed a hectometre) is equal to:

  • 328 feet
  • one side of a 1 hectare square
  • a fifth of a modern li, a Chinese unit of measurement
  • the approximate distance travelled by light in 300 nanoseconds.

Human-defined scales and structures[edit]




Distances longer than 1 kilometre


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