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Helen Lewis (briefly known as Helen Lewis-Hasteley, born 1983) is an English journalist who is currently Deputy Editor of the New Statesman.[1] She has also written for The Guardian,[2] and has worked as a sub-editor for the Daily Mail.

Life and career[edit]

Lewis read English at St Peter's College, Oxford, and after graduating, gained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Newspaper Journalism from London's City University. Subsequently she was accepted on the Daily Mail's programme for trainee sub-editors, working in the job for a few years, and later was responsible for commissioning features for the newspaper. For five years,[3] from August 2006,[4] Lewis ran a networking scheme, open to all young journalists, called Schmooze and Booze, for which she organised events held in a Central London pub every other month.[3] Lewis commented in 2007 that older colleagues, who had worked with each other for quite a long time, all seemed to know each other, while her contemporaries did not.[5]

Lewis was appointed as Deputy Editor of the New Statesman in May 2012,[6] after becoming Assistant Editor in 2010.[7]

Lewis's law[edit]

Lewis's law is an eponymous law taken from her observation that "the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism". Lewis first made the observation on Twitter on 9 August 2012,[8] and it was quoted afterwards in Wired UK[9] as part of a piece on the Donglegate incident, in which an engineer and a developer evangelist were fired after the developer evangelist accused two engineers sitting behind her of making sexual jokes at PyCon 2013. Lewis has written frequently about misogynistic hate directed at women online.[10]


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