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For the actress, see Helen Rowland (actress).
Helen Rowland

Helen Rowland (/ˈrlənd/; 1875–1950) was an American journalist and humorist. For many years she wrote a column in the New York World newspaper called Reflections of a Bachelor Girl. Many of her pithy insights from these columns were published in book form, including Reflections of a Bachelor Girl (1909), The Rubáiyát of a Bachelor (1915), and A Guide to Men (1922).

She is often confused with Helen Rowland (born Helene Rubin, later Helene Daniels), a singer on radio and recordings during the 1930s.


  • "A Book of Conversations: The Digressions of Polly" (1905) [1]
  • "The Widow" (1908)
  • "Reflections of A Bachelor Girl" (1909)
  • "The sayings of Mrs. Solomon: Being the confessions of the seven hundredth wife as revealed to Helen Rowland" (1913)
  • "The Rubaiyat Of A Bachelor" (1915) [2]
  • "A Guide To Men: Being Encore Reflections of a Bachelor Girl" (1922) [3]
  • "If, A Chant for Wives also The White Woman's Burden" (1927)

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