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The distinctive lugwork of a Hetchins headtube

Hetchins, Hetchins Lightweights since 1993,[1] is a British make of road bicycle originally built in London. The brand takes its name from the founder of the firm, Hyman Hetchin.

After leaving Russia around 1917, Hyman "Harry" Hetchin opened a music shop in Tottenham, North London, in 1922[2] At some point he began to sell bicycles from the shop.[2] Hetchin subsequently partnered with Jack Denny, who became a junior partner in the Hetchins business.[2] After Hetchin's death in 1961, his son, Alf Hetchin, took over the business.[3]

The company has been owned by David Miller since 1993, and the current frame builder is Paul Riley of Preston.[4]

Alf Hetchin died in 1996.


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