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Not to be confused with Hongseong.
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul
 • Hanja
 • Revised Romanization Hoengseong-gun
 • McCune-Reischauer Hoengsŏng-gun
Location in South Korea
Location in South Korea
Country  South Korea
Region Gwandong
Administrative divisions eup, 8 myeon
 • Total 997.82 km2 (385.26 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 47,362
 • Density 47/km2 (120/sq mi)
 • Dialect Gangwon

Hoengseong County is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

The roots of Codonopsis lanceolata (Korean: deodeok), a bonnet bellflower species, play an important role in local agriculture.

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, a notable boarding school, is located in the county.


  • Tree : Zelkova
  • Flower : Peony
  • Bird : Heron


The climate reflects the location of the mountainous inland area of southwest. There is a wide seasonal difference in temperature. The highest temperature ever recorded in Hoengseong-gun was 37.0˚ on August 7, 1990 and the lowest was -29.8˚ on December 31, 1927 and it was one of the 5 coldest temperatures ever recorded in Korea.[1]


Decline of population is the biggest matter among the county's residents and officers. In one year, newly admitted elementary school students decreased by 100.

The staggering decline has forced the educational system to close small schools of less than ten per school. Hoengseong county officially declared to support education fees to young students.[2]

Korean beef[edit]

Hanu, or Korean beef, from Hoengseong is widely sold and famous in South Korea. The clean environment of the region makes it possible to rear high-quality Korean beef. The muscles of the cattle are built up through labour in the fields.[3] Beef sets are delivered to department stores in Seoul and other metropolitan cities. Nowadays, improvements to transportation infrastructure have helped reduce the cost.[4] The county began a strategic marketing campaign in 1995 to brand itself as the origin of the highest quality beef in Korea.[5]


Hoengseong area bears large area of forests thanks to its location. More than 4 forest resorts are still on operation.

Whole forests do not consist of only natural forests. That is, manmade forests are blended among genuine trees. As all kinds of wildlife, including roe deer, wild pigs, and rabbits, inhabit the forest.[6]

Wind power plant[edit]

Scheme for building wild plant started 2005 and allowed to construct whole complex in January 2008.

Hoengseong will install wind power plant after 2009. The construction is planned by Japanese wind plant company and POSCO. Whole business reach 82 billion won and it would host about 20 plants around windy area. Total plants would be divided into 9 and 11 by Hoengseong and Pyeongchang respectively.[7]

Sister cities[edit]

Famous people[edit]

Famous people born in Hoengseong County include Kim Heechul of Super Junior and Lee Hyung-Taik.

See also[edit]

Deodeok muchim, a Korean salad made from C. lanceolata


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