Holiday on the Buses

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Holiday on the Buses
"Holiday on the Buses" (1973).jpg
Directed by Bryan Izzard
Produced by Ronald Chesney
Ronald Wolfe
Written by Ronald Chesney
Ronald Wolfe
Starring Reg Varney
Anna Karen
Doris Hare
Michael Robbins
Bob Grant
Stephen Lewis
Adam Rhodes
Music by Denis King
Cinematography Brian Probyn
Edited by James Needs
Distributed by MGM-EMI
Release date(s) 26 December 1973 (1973-12-26)
Running time 85 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Holiday on the Buses is a 1973 British comedy film directed by Bryan Izzard and starring Reg Varney and Doris Hare. The film is the third spin-off film from the ITV sitcom On the Buses and succeeded the films On the Buses (1971) and Mutiny on the Buses (1972). The film was produced by Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe for Hammer Films.


Three of the company's buses are wrecked due to Stan's negligent bus driving, which means dismissal for Stan (Reg Varney), Jack (Bob Grant) and Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis) are sacked. Stan and Jack get a job as bus crew at a holiday camp, only to find that Blakey has also got a job at the camp, as security inspector. Stan invites the family to stay whilst he proceeds to chat up the guests and staff. Meanwhile, Blakey thinks he can teach the guests old time dancing. Stan and the family get into an adventurous holiday, including repainting the whole of a bedroom as Little Arthur squirts ink around the room, a suitcase full of murky river water, and an exploding toilet.


Production notes[edit]

It was filmed on location at The Pontin's Holiday Camp, Prestatyn, North Wales. Interiors were completed at EMI-MGM Elstree Studios, Borehamwood.

The open top bus was XFM 229, a Bristol LD new to Crosville Motor Services.


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