Homebrew (Steve Howe album)

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Studio album by Steve Howe
Released 1996
Genre Progressive rock
Label InsideOut Music
Herald/Caroline Records (US)
Producer Steve Howe
Steve Howe chronology
Not Necessarily Acoustic
Quantum Guitar

Homebrew is an album released by Steve Howe in 1996. It is part of the Homebrew franchise. The album features new songs as well as re-arranged old songs from Steve's career. He is the only musician as the tracks are mainly demos.

Track listings[edit]

  1. Sketches in the Sun
  2. Sharp on Attack
  3. The Valley of Rocks
  4. Georgia's Theme
  5. Dorothy
  6. Meadow Rag
  7. At the Full Moon
  8. Never Stop Learning
  9. Red And White
  10. More About You
  11. Rare Birds
  12. Big Love
  13. Running in The Human Race
  14. Barren Land
  15. Against the Tide
  16. Break Away From It All
  17. For This Moment