Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe

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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (1989).jpg
ABWH, 1989. L-R: Rick Wakeman, Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, and Steve Howe.
Background information
Also known as ABWH
Origin England, United Kingdom
Genres Progressive rock, art rock
Years active 1988–1990
Labels Arista
Herald/Caroline (US)
Tring International (EEC)
Voiceprint (UK)
Associated acts Yes
King Crimson
Past members Jon Anderson
Bill Bruford
Rick Wakeman
Steve Howe

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (sometimes referred to by the abbreviation ABWH) were a progressive rock band consisting of vocalist Jon Anderson, drummer Bill Bruford, keyboardist Rick Wakeman, and guitarist Steve Howe – who had all played together in Yes in the early 1970s – with unofficial fifth member Tony Levin on bass.

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe released their only studio album, also called Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, in 1989 and a live recording from their subsequent tour, An Evening of Yes Music Plus, in 1993. In the meantime, Arista Records had co-opted material intended for a second ABWH studio album for what was to become the Yes album Union; this project featured an eight-person lineup merging ABWH with the then-current lineup of Yes (Anderson, Chris Squire, Trevor Rabin, Tony Kaye, and Alan White).


Although conceived by Anderson as being a Yes reunion, others in the band were keen to distance themselves from the "Yes" name. At the time, the name for the band "Yes" was co-owned by Anderson, Alan White and Chris Squire,[1] and Squire and White were still continuing with Yes along with Trevor Rabin and Tony Kaye; for these reasons, it was not possible for ABWH to use the "Yes" name anyway. Anticipating this problem, Jon Anderson suggested they call themselves "The Affirmative",[2] but the other band members felt that was disingenuous. The name "No" was also suggested, but in the end, they decided to simply name themselves after the members of the band.

When Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe toured, they titled their shows "An Evening of Yes Music Plus",[3] a name that was also used for their subsequent live album. ABWH were sued by Yes in an attempt to prevent any mention of Yes in the ABWH promotional material.[3]

Eventually, ABWH and Yes resolved their differences and produced a Yes album titled Union.[3] The album included recordings originally intended for separate albums by both groups. Several songs originally intended for the second ABWH album, tentatively titled Dialogue, surfaced on the 1990s bootleg We Make Believe and the underground Yesoteric bootleg compilation. This material included demos by Anderson but without the other three that were subsequently released as part of Jon Anderson's The Lost Tapes box set series as Watching the Flags That Fly.

Songs from the ABWH album have been included on subsequent Yes compilations and Yes concerts.

The band was satirised by The Dead Milkmen in the song "Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes And How!"[4]

Discography and Videography[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

List of studio albums, with chart positions
Title Album details Peak chart positions
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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
  • Released 20 June 1989
14 25 24 21 25 18 21 30

Live albums[edit]



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