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Hou Jingjing (侯晶晶 ), born in 1975, was the first Chinese woman in a wheelchair to earn a doctorate.[1] She is now a teacher in Nanjing Normal University. Her hometown is Dangtu County in Anhui Province.[2]

Her childhood[edit]

When she was young, she showed great cleverness in getting full marks in her tests. And that really inspired her parents. Then she found there was something wrong with her legs because she had difficulty in standing up. Then her parents took her to the famous hospitals in Nanjing to have a check. After a long time of careful treatment she recovered a little. However, life again challenged her because her conditions became even worse when she was in the sixth grade. She was diagnosed as disabled and she had to drop out of school. Facing both the mentally and physically difficulties, she didn’t give in to her fate. She tried to learn at home all by herself.[1]

Her struggle against fate[edit]

She had to work harder than other students because during the treatment in Nanjing she already missed many classes and the fact that she couldn’t go to school to get the teacher’s guidance means she had to depend on herself in her studies. And her body condition couldn’t allow her to study for a long time because she was so weak. So it was really strong-willed of her to achieve all the success. And after a struggling of many years, she took a test and got enrolled by Nanjing Normal University as she got the highest marks among the students who took the test. And later, after years of hard-working she became one of the best graduates in NNU and stayed to become a teacher in the university.[1][3]

Her achievements[edit]

She also joined the Communist Party of China. And she always shows great loyalty to her country and the party. She donated much money to help the disabled children in many rural areas. And she has published a lot of articles in many famous magazines. And her struggle against fate has always been used to teach young students to cherish their better study conditions.[4] [5]


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