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For Shanghai's western-style opera company, see Shanghai Opera House.

Huju (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Hùjù), or "Shanghai opera" is a variety of Chinese opera from Shanghai. It is typically sung in the Shanghainese dialect.

It is particularly popular in Baihe, the oldest town in the Qingpu District of Shanghai.[1] There are eight to ten huju troupes in the town, and many local residents hire the troupes to perform for weddings and funerals.[2]

Huju is accompanied by an ensemble of traditional Chinese instruments, including dizi (transverse bamboo flute), erhu (two-stringed fiddle), pipa (pear-shaped lute), yangqin (hammered dulcimer), and percussion. The instrumentation and style are closely related to the instrumental genre of Jiangnan sizhu.

The famous Chinese composition "Purple Bamboo Melody" (; 紫竹調) is adapted from huju.


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