I, a Man

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I, a Man
Directed by Paul Morrissey
Andy Warhol
Starring Nico
Tom Baker
Valerie Solanas
Ingrid Superstar
Ultra Violet
Release date(s)
  • August 24, 1967 (1967-08-24)
Running time 99 min.
Country United States
Language English

I, a Man (1967) is an Andy Warhol film featuring Warhol Superstars Tom Baker, Ivy Nicholson, Ingrid Superstar, Cynthia May, Bettina Coffin, Ultra Violet, Nico, and Valerie Solanas. The latter appeared in the film as compensation for a script she had given to Warhol called Up Your Ass, which he had lost. Solanas would later shoot Warhol.

According to a 2004 biography of Jim Morrison, Morrison had agreed to appear in this film opposite Nico, but the management of The Doors talked him out of it. Morrison then referred drinking buddy Tom Baker to Warhol.

The title of this film is a parody of the erotic Swedish film I, a Woman (1965), starring Essy Persson, which had opened in the U.S. in October 1966.

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