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IME may refer to:Institute of Mechanical Engineers, The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers (India) is one of the oldest professional institutions in India established in 1914 to promote, advance and update knowledge, business & practice of mechanical engineering professionals.

Among the activities it conducts biannual examinations known as Technician Engineers Part-I & Part-II, Automobile Technician Engineers examination Part-I & Part-II, Production Technician Engineers Part-I & Part-II, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Technician Engineers Examination Part-I & Part-II and Section A & Section B of Associate Membership (also known as Chartered Engineers) Examination in Mechanical Engineering.

The Institution is thus helping thousands of younger members of community working in engineering to obtain engineering qualification & also to advance their technical knowledge & enhance their engineering career but, who have been unfortunate in securing admission in regular Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges due to no fault of their through non formal system of education.

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  • Input method editor, a program or operating system component that allows computer users to enter characters and symbols not found on their keyboard
  • In-Movie Experience, a content channel for providing bonus material on HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Intron-mediated enhancement, a biological process by which some intron sequences can enhance gene expression

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