I Feel Fine (album)

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I Feel Fine
EP by Black Lab
Released 2003
Genre Alternative rock
Label Blacklabworld.com
Producer Black Lab
Black Lab chronology
Your Body Above Me (1997) I Feel Fine (2003) See the Sun (2005)

I Feel Fine is an EP by the alternative rock band Black Lab. Four of the six tracks on this album would later be released on their second LP, See the Sun, and a fifth, "Perfect Girl", was re-recorded for the See the Sun album. The last track, "Gone", was re-released on 2007's Passion Leaves a Trace. "Learn to Crawl" appeared on the Music from and Inspired by Spider-Man soundtrack.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "See the Sun"
  2. "Remember"
  3. "Perfect Girl" (EP Guitar Mix)
  4. "Ecstasy"
  5. "Learn to Crawl"
  6. "Gone" (Demo)