Imperial Noble Consort Gongshun

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Imperial Noble Consort Gongshun
Spouse Jiaqing Emperor
Posthumous name
Jiaqing Emperor's eighth daughter
Kurun Princess Huimin
House House of Niuhuru (by birth)
House of Aisin-Gioro (by marriage)
Father Shanqing
Born 1787
Died 23 April 1860 (aged 72-73)
Imperial Noble Consort Gongshun
Traditional Chinese 恭順皇貴妃
Simplified Chinese 恭顺皇贵妃
Lady Niuhuru
Traditional Chinese 鈕祜祿氏
Simplified Chinese 钮祜禄氏

Imperial Noble Consort Gongshun (1787 - 23 April 1860) was a consort of the Jiaqing Emperor of the Qing Dynasty.


Imperial Noble Consort Gongshun was born of the Manchu Niuhuru clan. Her personal name is unknown. Her father was Shanqing (善慶), who served in the Qing court as a zhushi (主事). She entered the Forbidden City during the early reign of the Jiaqing Emperor and received the title of Noble Lady Ru (如貴人). In 1805 she gave birth to the Jiaqing Emperor's eighth daughter and was promoted to Imperial Concubine Ru (如嬪) three months later. In 1810 she was elevated to the status of Consort Ru (如妃). A year later she gave birth to the Jiaqing Emperor's ninth daughter, Kurun Princess Huimin (慧愍固倫公主). In 1814 she gave birth to the Jiaqing Emperor's fifth son Mianyu (綿愉).

In 1820 the Jiaqing Emperor died and was succeeded by his second son Mianning, who became known as the Daoguang Emperor. In the same year, the Daoguang Emperor granted Lady Niuhuru the title of Grand Noble Consort Ru (皇考如貴妃) and let her reside in Shou'an Palace (壽安宮). In 1846 she was honoured as Grand Imperial Noble Consort Ru (皇考如皇貴妃). In 1850 the Daoguang Emperor died and was succeeded by the Xianfeng Emperor, who granted Lady Niuhuru the title of Grand Imperial Noble Dowager Consort Ru (皇祖如皇貴太妃).

Lady Niuhuru died in 1860 and was granted the posthumous title of Imperial Honoured Consort Gongshun (恭順皇貴妃). She was interred in the Changling Mausoleum in the Western Qing Tombs.


  • The Jiaqing Emperor's eighth daughter (1805), unnamed, died before reaching a year old.
  • Kurun Princess Huimin (慧憫固倫公主; 1811–1815), personal name unknown, the Jiaqing Emperor's ninth daughter.
  • Mianyu (绵愉; 1814-1865), the Jiaqing Emperor's fifth son.

Appearances in media[edit]

Imperial Noble Consort Gongshun is played by Sheren Tang in the 2004 Hong Kong television series War and Beauty. In the television drama, Gongshun (referred to as Consort Ru) is portrayed as a bullying and manipulative woman who engages in a power struggle against the empress. It is later revealed that it was a facade because Consort Ru admits that she had behaved as such in order to survive in the imperial harem. Sheren Tang's portrayal of Consort Ru won widespread acclaim by media critics and audiences, raising her popularity.

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